RV Preparation Checklist

RV Preparation

Getting ready for a trip can be the most exciting and most cruel part of a vacation. So you have your bags packed, your boots ready, and your travel atlas open. But what about your RV? If you plan to use a travel trailer, there are several things that you should do before you start your journey.

For instance, did you know that you cannot exceed a certain amount of rated weight for your RV trailer? Regular maintenance and organization are also just as essential for your RV. So, how do you ensure that your trailer is ready for use? Here is a preparation checklist for a safe and comfortable vacation.

1. Look at your RV batteries

If your trailer is in storage, it will lose 10 percent of its energy every month. Therefore, check and confirm that your battery is fully charged. Also, ensure that they are reconnected correctly. Be careful; batteries are dangerous. 

2. Confirm whether the fluids in the generator and engine need changing

Start by checking the fluid levels in your engine. Check the transmission, engine coolant, windshield washer, generator oil, power steering, engine oil, and brake fluids. The fluids should be fresh and full. Then check the gauge, lights, registration, emissions sticker, and insurance. Also, service your generator and make sure it is working correctly.

3. Clear out your water system, then refill

To do this, connect one end of your drinking hose to the RV and the other to the city water. Then run the water continuously through the system. Also, flush your outside shower hose and fresh water tank. Once done, fill the water tanks with clean water. 

4. Check your appliances

Most RVs use propane gas and are Self-Contained. If this is your trailer, check the propane tanks, the valve, the connections, and the firing operation. Test for a leak and test the pressure of the gas. Then, check the air conditioner, microwave, fridge, and any other electronics in your RV.

5. Check your tires

It doesn’t matter whether your tires should be replaced after ten years. Please make sure that they are in proper condition before you start your journey. Good tires will ensure the safety of your family. Therefore, check the air pressure, tread wear, and cracking.

6. Check the seams and seal

Every seam in your trailer can leak. Therefore, start with the roof and move to the body of the trailer. Ensure that you reseal any openings, wear, cracks, or damage. 

7. Make sure you have no water leaks

Start your water pump and stop it when water is pressurized. Then using a flashlight, check for any leaks inside the trailer. Repair any leaks that you might find.

8. Conduct a full safety check

Safety should always come fast both inside and outside the RV. Thus, go inside and make sure the following items are updated and recharged: smoke detector, PL Gas leak detector, carbon monoxide detector, and fire extinguisher.


If you have any doubts about the condition of your RV trailer, seek the help of a professional. The essential thing to ensure is that you do not skip any part of the inspection. You can also include some cleaning to freshen the inside of your trailer.


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