Best trading strategies for 60 seconds binary options


It is no secret that one of the main advantages of binary options trading over the Forex market is the possibility of making very fast earnings.

Not only is it possible to increase your capital significantly during the day. Now it is possible to do it in just a few minutes. This is what the strategy 60 seconds will help the trader.

The binary options strategy 60 Seconds, however, involves very high risks. This is the difficulty of trading turbo options.

After all, in fact, the slightest movement of the market in the wrong direction, and you can lose your investment in binary options.

But if you approach the analysis of the price movement chart of an asset competently, follow the rules of the strategy for options “60 seconds”, then there will be no minus and it will be impossible.

So, a strategy for trading 60 seconds is very risky, but at the same time, very profitable.

Therefore, every binary options trader dreams of mastering the technique of this strategy. We, in turn, will show you the best strategies for 60 seconds here.

Trend Trading Strategy for 60 Seconds

In order not to be in a loss on this strategy, you do not need to look for a trend where it is not. It is necessary to wait for the vivid trend.

As a rule, such a trend can be clearly seen on the chart. It is usually obtained at the opening of a trading session, or after the release of important economic news.

Such a trend in time is not very long. It moves in this way, it does not exceed 10-15 minutes.

But this is enough to make good money, for example, on such a convenient platform as IQ option – the strategy 60 seconds works quite well there.

If you are not sure about the trend, add the “Bollinger Bands” indicator to the live chart, which will help you determine the volatility of the underlying asset.

If the price is constantly moving behind the upper Bollinger band, the trend is upward, if behind the lower band, the trend is downward.

In such cases it is necessary to trade according to the trend. Accordingly, if the trend is uptrend, then buy a binary option CALL, if the trend is downward, then buy a binary option PUT. It is very simple.

Strategy 3 candlesticks 60 seconds

The trading strategy of 3 candlesticks we have already described on our blog. It can also be used on the minute chart.

How to determine the moment of entering a trade, read our article Trading Strategy 3 Candlesticks for trading binary options.

The easiest strategy for turbo binary options, try it and you.

Trading strategy of 60 seconds by support and resistance levels

Trading by support and resistance levels is considered the most profitable strategy for 60 seconds. It is very simple here.

First you need to define and build support and resistance levels.

To determine the levels, it is necessary to draw a horizontal line through at least three points where the price of the underlying asset turned and went in the other direction.


Then you should wait for the price to approach the built support or resistance level.

And, at the moment when the price touches the support or resistance level, it is necessary to buy a binary option to beat it out of this level – that is, to the side opposite from the previous movement, which was before the support or resistance level was touched.

The most difficult thing in this strategy is to correctly determine the support and resistance levels. But this will definitely come with experience.

The main thing is not to give up. It is on the basis of support and resistance levels that the most profitable short-term trading strategies for binary options have been invented.

The strategy of 60 seconds based on the indicators

It is also possible to apply indicators in a trading strategy for 60 seconds. For example, most often oscillators are used in such cases.

The most common indicators are stochastic (here) and Relative strength index (Relative strength index -RSI).

The signal to buy a binary option for 60 seconds will be the output of the oscillator from the overbought zone (from top to bottom – binary option PUT) or oversold zone (from bottom to top – binary option CALL).

Short-term binary options trading strategies are the most common, risky but at the same time profitable. By holding a strategy for 60 seconds options, a trader can make a stable profit.



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