Adore Your Floor: Your Guide to Choosing the Best Carpet Color

best carpet color

Carpet makes a comfortable and cozy addition to any home. In bedrooms and family rooms, for example, carpet offers a soft place to play or unwind.

Choosing the best carpet color for the different areas in your home can be a tough decision.

From your traffic patterns to how you use the space, we’ve rounded up some pro tips to help you choose the best carpet colors for your home.

Where is the Carpet Located?

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when choosing a new carpet is where is your carpet located. If your carpet is in a high traffic area, in a home with pets or small children, dark carpet colors, maybe your best bet.

A home carpet cleaning can also help restore your carpet in areas with a lot of traffic or that see a lot of wear and tear and spills.

If your carpet is located in a guest room that doesn’t see a lot of foot traffic, you can go with a more neutral or lighter color since there won’t be the potential for a lot of food and spills in the room.

In a basement, you may be able to add radiant floor heating that is designed for a carpet to warm it up.

Consider Your Existing Furniture When Choosing Carpet Color

When you’re shopping for your new carpet color, think about whether or not you’re replacing all of the furniture as well. If you aren’t you should look at what furniture you have and what will go best with the color you’re considering.

If you have very vibrant colored furniture, go with a complementary color or a neutral so that your furniture shines through.

If you’re buying new furniture, you have a lot of options when it comes to what color you want. You can choose your carpet and then shop for furniture after.

Neutral Carpet Colors Are Versatile

Neutrals will always complement almost anything, and you’ll be able to add in pops of color in various accents in other places.

If you’re worried a neutral carpet will be too boring, think about all of the colors on your furniture, rugs, throw pillows, and other accents.

A neutral color will complement any furniture and won’t feel dated as styles change. If you go too trendy you may end up getting sick of the color, you choose too soon.

Stick to neutral classics and change smaller items to go with trends if you need to.

Neutral colors also make the room feel lighter and brighter. By going with a neutral color you’ll give the appearance of a much bigger space.

The Best Carpet Color for You?

Choosing the best carpet color for your home depends a lot on your personal style, the room you are putting the carpet, and also the traffic patterns in the room.

If you choose a carpet that is too light in a high traffic area, you might see too many stains or marks.

A darker color carpet may fair better in a high traffic area such as a family room.

Neutral colors will mask wear and tear a little better and they will also match any style of furniture you have in the room.

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