13 Must Have Kitchen Appliances

must have kitchen appliances

The average household spends over $3,000 a year on eating out. While it’s great to treat your self on occasion, many people eat out for convenience, not celebration.

Even though most people wished that they ate out less, most Americans hate to cook. However, if you have the right tools cooking can be quick and easy.

Small kitchen appliances make cooking at home simple for even the most inexperienced chef.

We all have to eat, and these must-have kitchen appliances will make putting food on the table easier. Keep reading for our list of the 13 most useful kitchen appliances.

1. Stand Mixer

Stand mixers are a staple in many homes for a reason, it’s because they make preparing meals so much easier! Stand mixers are more efficient and less messy than hand-mixers.

A great stand-mixer will help you take your cooking to the next level. They’re also incredibly versatile. Most stand mixers can knead dough, beat eggs, and combine ingredients together.

You can also buy attachments for your mixer that expands its functions! For instance, Kitchen Aid offers attachments that can grind raw meat, create fresh pasta, and make ravioli.

2. Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is an indispensable appliance for every kitchen. Traditional, drip-brew machines reign supreme in kitchens across the US. However, in recent years, single-serve as coffee makers also rose in popularity.

Single service coffee brewers, like Keurig or Nespresso, are great options if you only need a cup at a time.

If you love cappuccinos invest in a stovetop espresso maker and handheld milk foamer. Now you can enjoy your double shot from the comfort of your home for a fraction of the price!

Also, nothing beats freshly ground coffee or espresso. Make sure to buy a coffee grinder to get the freshest brew. You should also invest in a coffee grinder brush so each grind is as fresh as the last.

3. Knife Sharpener

Your knives are the most basic and most important tools in your kitchen. You use them every day to prepare meals. So, if your kitchen doesn’t have a knife sharpener you’re missing out on the best quality slices and dices.

Daily use dulls your knife blades, so they are less effective at cutting. This isn’t just annoying it’s also dangerous. You’re more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp knife because you have to exert more pressure do use it.

You spent good money on your knife set do you want to keep it working for years to come. Sharpening your knives is a regular part of their maintenance. An electric knife sharpener makes it a quick and easy process.

4. Blender

Best Vitamix Blender is one of the most common and useful small kitchen appliances. A blender is designed to blend together liquids or already cut up produce.

They are indispensable for quickly whipping up smoothies, frozen drinks, and delicious sauces. Blenders are also excellent for puréeing softer produce like bananas and spinach.

Blenders are great for making frozen drinks, like margaritas or smoothies. Plus most small blenders come with a single portion attachment so you can quickly make smoothies on the go. Whatever, if you are lokking to buy a home espresso maker then you must read about the comparison between nespresso inissia vs pixie so that you can get a clear view and easily buy it for your kitchen.

5. Electric Grill

Electric grills let you enjoy freshly grilled meat and vegetable year-round. Grilled food is healthier than pan-fried food.

Think grilling is just for the warm summer months? Invest in an electric grill and you can enjoy delicious grilled meat and vegetables year-round.

Electric grills require less clean up than traditional outdoor grills. Usually, the cooking surface is detachable, so you can run it directly under the sink. This is so much better than scraping and scrubbing the grill outside long after everyone’s retreated indoors.

You also never have to worry about having enough fuel to grill an amazing meal. Which means no more last-minute trips to 7/11 for charcoal or propane. Simply plug it in and your good to go

6. Slow Cooker

Slow cookers can also save you tons of money. Knowing that you have a delicious, hot meal waiting at home will help you resist the temptation to eat out. Also, slow cooking tenderizes cheaper cuts of meat so you can make the most of your weekly grocery budget.

Plus, slow cookers are more energy-efficient and use less electricity than ovens.

Slow cooker meals take minimal effort and skill. You simply put everything in the ceramic pot and let the slow cooker do the rest. In 4-8 out hours you’ll have a hot, flavorful meal.

Slow cookers are great for cooking year-round. In the wintertime, your slow cooker is perfect for making hearty stews and soups. Your slow cooker is great for summertime cooking as well since it doesn’t give off as much heat as your oven.

7. Food Processor

A lot of people mistakenly think a blender is the same thing as a food processor, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A blender simply mixes two things together, a food processor has numerous functions. Your food processor is one of the most useful kitchen appliances.

All the food processor’s functions will save you countless time on food preparation. Depending on the quality of your food processor you can put entire fruits and vegetables in for slicing and dicing. Plus most high-quality food processors chop, dice, shred, slice, mix, purée, emulsify, and some can even knead dough.

A food processor is an indispensable kitchen accessory if you have young children. You can make your own baby food and purées from healthy whole ingredients.

8. Electric Kettle

Whoever said a watched pot doesn’t boil had an electric kettle. Electric kettles can boil water in under 30 seconds. Which means that steaming cup of tea it’s just a couple minutes away.

There are numerous documented health benefits to drinking tea regularly. Investing in an electric kettle means you can access those benefits more quickly.

Electric kettles are also excellent at preparing other dishes, like oatmeal and instant potatoes.

9. Deep Fryer

Nothing beats a hot doughnut or fresh fried chicken. What if you could enjoy these tasty treats from the comfort of your home?

Countertop deep fryers give you an edge when frying up your family’s favorites. Many models come equipped with timers and easy to use baskets so you’ll never burn the french fries again!

Pan deep-frying creates a lasting odor throughout your home. Most modern deep fryers come equipped with odor-blocking filters. Thes filters prevent your home from smelling like a fast-food for days after your meal.

Countertop deep fryers are also safer than using your stove. There is less chance you’ll come in contact or spill hot oil. You can also easily control the temperature to prevent your oil from becoming too hot.

10. Microwave

If your kitchen is missing a microwave you’re seriously behind the small appliance power curve. A microwave is a valuable kitchen tool that will save you tons of time.

Microwaves use less energy than your oven, and they’re great at heating up food quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to get dinner on the table after work, microwave meals mean hot dinner a few seconds away.

Microwaves are also useful kitchen walls for prep. You can use your microwave to defrost frozen items before you cook or bake them. Or to quickly softened butter for baking recipes.

11. Toaster Oven

A toaster oven is an essential kitchen appliance for everyone. Toaster ovens are incredibly versatile. You can use your toaster oven to prep ingredients, like defrosting vegetables or re-heating leftovers.

You can also use your toaster oven to keep food warm before you serve it. Most conventional ovens only go down to 200 degrees, while many toaster ovens go as low as 165 degrees.

You can also use your toaster oven to bake small batches or cook side dishes. This frees up valuable oven space. Or it means you can forgo turning on the oven at all!

12. Sandwich Press

A sandwich press is a perfect addition to your kitchen. With a sandwich press, you can make delicious paninis and quesadillas in a snap. You can also use it to quickly grill vegetables, fish, and meat.

In fact, your sandwich press is great for grilling, because its design drains away most of the fat.

Sandwich presses are also easy to clean. Simple remove the heating elements and scrub them down in the sink. Get a sandwich press today and grilled cheese will never be easier!

13. Rice Cooker

Rice is a staple throughout the world and a great addition to your meals.

If you make rice on the regular is time to invest in a rice cooker. A rice cooker automatically cooks your rice to the perfect temperature and it keeps it warm after it’s finished. Say goodbye to burnt rice on the bottom of your pans, and say hello to perfect rice every time.

Does a rice cooker sound like a one-note kitchen appliance? Think again! Rice cookers are surprisingly versatile.

You can use them to cook oatmeal or to steam vegetables. Anf you can use it to slow cook homemade soups and stews!

Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Every Cook

Eating out is expensive. Decrease the time you spend cooking and preparing food and increase the size of your wallet with some of these must-have kitchen appliances.

Cooking a great meal is all about having the right tools. Pick out your perfect small kitchen appliances today!


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