8 London Date Ideas for Your Next Night Out

8 London Date Ideas for Your Next Night Out

Ah, London. This world-famous city is one of the most popular destinations in the world and draws nearly 20 million tourists every year.

It’s easy to understand why. When you walk through London’s streets, you’re enveloped in thousands of years of history, which the 21st century has blended with culture from every corner of the Earth. We’re not kidding: if you want to try any cuisine, any drink, any activity, you can find it in London.

This, combined with its history and beauty, makes it one of the best places for a romantic trip. We’ve collated 10 great London date ideas for you. Forget the charms of Paris, London is where it’s at in 2020.

Ready to start planning that dream date? Then read on and get inspired!

1. Go Ax-Throwing

We bet that ax-throwing isn’t the first thing when considering dates in London. This trend is growing in popularity year on year.

Are you thinking “this doesn’t sound safe”? Don’t worry, the instructors will take you aside and teach you the fine art of ax-throwing before you’re let loose.

I’ve been ax-throwing myself and can tell you that it’s great fun. Competitive, fun, and with an allure of danger, it’s perfect for the wildman in your life.

We recommend going to Whistle Punks, located in Vauxhall.

2. Take in Dinner with a View

For the ultimate in romantic dining, we recommend ascending The Shard. At the top, you’ll find a trio of high-class restaurants.

On the 31st floor, there’s Aqua Shard, which gives British cuisine a modern twist. If you want something more casual, go to Oblix on the 32nd floor. If you’re craving Chinese food, Hutong, located on the 33rd floor, serves up exquisite dishes from northern China.

Interested in more unique London date ideas? Then read on here.

The Shard is located adjacent to London Bridge station in Southwark.

3. Grab Brunch at Maltby Street

This is something of a Londoner secret. Situated near the immensely crowded Borough Market, Maltby Street will tantalize your senses of a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Every cafe could provide great London date ideas in its own right. If you want a sumptuous brunch, this is the place to come. Indulge in food and drink from a wide range of cuisines and relax in one of the best-kept secrets that London has to offer.

Maltby Street is a 10-minute walk from London Bridge Underground station.

4. Watch the Sunset from One of London’s Beautiful Parks

London is an expensive city. There’s no getting around that fact. Yet if you want a beautiful, free date, then the city has got your back.

London has 3000 different parks of varying sizes to wander through. For watching the sunset though, there are a few clear winners. We’d recommend Regent’s Park, Hampstead Heath, and Greenwich Park (head up to the observatory for the best views).

Watch the sun come down and catch the rays glistening on London’s incredible skyline. This might not be the same kind of date activities in London that you’d typically think about, but it’s undeniably romantic.

5. Play Some Retro Video Games

If you and your partner love retro video games, then Four Quarters should top your list of London date ideas. This quirky South London bar is jampacked with retro arcade cabinets.

While they are subject to change, these have included Street Fighter II and Pac-Man. There’s also a Nintendo 64 rigged up to the big screen.

In addition to gaming, Four Quarters has another big draw: its extensive craft beer selection.

Four Quarters can be found in Peckham, near Peckham Rye train station.

6. Take in a Film with a Difference

Secret Cinema is quite unlike any other film experience you’ve ever had. Topping the list of fun date ideas in London for movie fans, this curated experience creates an immersive world based around the film they are showing.

The actual film is kept a closely-guarded secret until its screening, but you will not be disappointed.

Previously, Secret Cinema rigged up an East London venue as Los Angeles from Blade Runner, complete with artificial (and harmless) acid rain, the Snake Pit Bar, and tons of neon. For Moulin Rouge, Montmartre and the titular theatre were recreated, complete with dancers!

Secret Cinema will be a date you will always remember. Its venue and screenings are unpredictable, so follow them on social media!

7. Check Out the Tate Modern After Dark

On the last Friday of every month, the Tate Modern does something rather special. It puts on late-night parties complete with DJs, workshops, and amazing food and drink.

Located in the historic Bankside power station, this is a truly special date idea for the art lovers in your life. While these events are irregular, we’d recommend planning a trip around them. They are well worth checking out and have a uniquely modern London sensibility.

8. Make Your Own Tipple

Do you and your partner love gin? Then take a trip out to The Ginstitute in Notting Hill. Here, you’ll be given all the instructions that you need to make a gin of your very own.

You will be given a history lesson in gin, find out what goes into making gin, and take a look at the various botanicals that give the spirit its flavor. Along the way, you’ll sample several exquisite drinks, including a welcoming Tom Collins.

After this, you’ll be allowed to make your very own gin. Tailor it to the pair of you, and consider it a labor of love. If you’re a big fan of the resulting gin, The Ginstitute is happy to let you reorder your tipple.

Have Our London Date Ideas Inspired You?

We hope that these London date ideas have given you food for thought. If you do end up doing one of these as a date, please let us know! We’d love to know that we’ve had an impact.

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