10 Modern Home Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

10 Modern Home Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

Designing your dream home can seem challenging at first, and a good interior decorator can run you around $200 per hour. For most of us, that takes up a good chunk of our budget that we could be using for our remodel!

What if I told you that you have what it takes to design your interior with the modern home decor of your dreams? Well, it’s easier than you might think.

Read on for my top 10 modern home decor ideas.

1. Invest in Good Furniture

When finding the right modern home decor for your next home or remodel, a good rule to follow is this: don’t skimp on your furniture. Not only will cheap furniture tarnish any efforts of a chic, modern home interior, but it could also end up costing you more when you have to replace it.

You don’t necessarily need to break the bank, but be sure you’re investing in the best quality for your budget.

The furniture you choose becomes the base layer of the room. You want to stick with timeless, neutral, and quality pieces that will last you for years to come.

2. Add Elegant Throw Pillows

A quick and easy way to update your living room with modern home decor is by adding elegant throw pillows. Again, allocate your dollar for quality here. You want sturdy, fluffy, luxurious pillows that add comfort and tastefulness all at once.

When selecting the right throw pillows to accent your modern home decor, try to choose them last. That way, you’ll be able to pull in the designs and colors of your other decor for a  polished look.

3. Swap Out Hardware

Want a simple and inexpensive way to customize your furniture and make it look more modern? Try decorating it with custom hardware, such as knobs, drawer pulls, and handles.

There are certainly a lot of options out there, but you generally want to avoid what you find in your local big-box hardware store. These are often cheap and tacky. When planning out modern home decor, sub-par quality should be avoided at all costs.

Instead, think outside the box. Visit a local boutique or a smaller hardware store in your area. You could even shop antique shops and flea markets for truly unique pieces that are vintage yet beautiful. Best of all, it’s easy to swap out for endless updates.

4. Get Creative with Lighting Fixtures

A major thing to consider when choosing modern home decor is your lighting fixtures. Depending on the look you’re going for, there are a number of avenues you could go down here.

For example, if you’re going for an elegant, glamorous look, a dramatic chandelier will do way more than a simple ceiling fan fixture.

If you’re into a highly modern and ambient look, you might consider color-changing LEDs to make your colorful, customizable, and unforgettable.

Whatever you choose, just avoid the basic floor lamps and harsh lighting in general. The perfect accent for modern home decor is ambient lighting that offers warmth and is easy on the eyes.

5. Feature a Glass Case Pedestal

If you’re a big art collector, or if you have some family relics that you’d like to place in the forefront of your living space, consider a glass case pedestal to display your favorite pieces. It’s a stylish and unexpected way to showcase the things you love the most.

You could also use a glass case pedestal to display collections, china, trophies, and so much more. There are tons of unique and dramatic ways to use a glass case pedestal if you’re willing to find out how.

6. Use Paint to Accent Modern Home Decor

A good paint job will never go out of style. Nowadays, we’re breaking away from the beige-y norms in favor of brighter, bolder colors that perfectly accent your modern home decor. Many modern designs choose one bold color and plan their whole color palette around that.

If you’re curious about painting with a bolder color, you can dip your toes in by simply adding colorful accent walls to your rooms. That way, it will make your decor pop without being too overwhelming.

7. Update Your Window Treatments

Your window treatments can be a hugely important part of your modern home decor. They’re another opportunity to accent what you’ve already got going on, whether it’s patterned, textured, or anything else that’s eye-catching.

If you’re looking for elegance, heavy curtains are the way to go. Metallic elements and scrolling can also give off a very royal impression.

If you’re into something a little more understated, bamboo or Venetian blinds can be beautiful, too.

8. Ditch Carpeting in Favor of Hardwood Floors

A general trend in modern home decor is saying goodbye to carpeting for good. Carpet can often look dated, not to mention it dirties quick! That’s why it’s totally worth it to invest in hardwood flooring for your home.

Generally, modern wood floors have a darker finish. The look is clean and elegant, while also being incredibly versatile.

Best of all, you can still add area rugs if you’re missing the look and warmth of carpeting. These can be chic, elegant, and easily replaceable if need be.

9. Add Tasteful Accents

When planning out the interior of your home, pay attention to the details. If your room doesn’t have any decorative accents, it might look boring and one-dimensional.

Now, that’s not to say you should go crazy with knick-knacks! A few key pieces, such as sculptures, candelabras, and shiny picture frames can pack a serious punch. Find a few coordinating pieces that you love and use them to accent your walls, tabletops, and more.

10. Be Minimal

A key takeaway for modern home decor is this: be minimal. Clutter, excessive tchotchkes and clashing patterns don’t do well in this decade. Instead, your home should be clean and minimal, featuring well-thought-out details that keep it looking modern yet understated.

Plan Your Home Decorations Today

Figuring out the perfect modern home decor doesn’t have to be a painful or confusing process. In fact, you might surprise yourself by what you come up with, without the help of a pricey interior decorator. Now that you’ve got some pointers to help you navigate, start planning your home decor today!

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