How To Pick The Perfect Recliner


Recliners have a lot of advantages over traditional couches and chairs. The biggest advantage: they recline. But, the health and mental benefits of being able to lay back and really relax after a long day is not the only plus of modern recliners. In fact, there are so many varied products available in 2020 with different beneficial features that finding the perfect recliner for you may seem like an impossible task. 

Never fear. In the rest of this article, we discuss the five things to look for when picking out your next perfect recliner. So, keep reading. This article has all the answers you seek.

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Five things to consider when looking for the perfect recliner

There are a lot of things that you need to know when looking for the perfect recliner. Most of them fall into these five easy categories to remember. Consider each of these things when looking for products, and you will not struggle to find the best recliner for your home and body. 

  • Size

First, and most importantly, you need to know the size recliner you need. Because of the varied products on the market in 2020, there are a lot of size options available. These options allow you to find the recliner that will fit your specific body type and the size of your room.

In terms of body type, recliner manufacturers have different size standards. For example, many retailers, including Recliner Life, break recliners into four sizes based on the owner’s height: 

  • Petite=5’4” or less
  • Small=5’5”-5’9”
  • Tall=5’10”-6’2”
  • Extra Tall=6’3” and above

Other recliner brands may use slightly different measurements for their products. Therefore, it is essential that you try out a recliner to ensure it is comfortable for your body before you purchase it. 

The recliner should also fit perfectly in your room. Make sure to measure the room where the recliner will sit as well as the recliners themselves. Because recliners recline, you will need extra space between the product and the wall—one to three feet on average. So, you will need to account for this space as well. You can use this measuring guide to help you decide the size recliner you need. 

  • Style

Style is another concern that you will need to determine before you find your perfect recliner. The number of options available today means that you don’t need to settle for an ugly product just to have a recliner in your home. Instead, you should be able to find a recliner with the style to fit any décor

The style in recliners is determined by the fabric used as well as the overall shape of the product. Leather, linen, and microfiber are all popular fabric choices. The shape of the recliners varies a lot. You can find them in more traditional, bulky shapes or even ones with a sleek, modern look. Some moderns may not even look like they recline. Deciding on the style and materials you want in your recliner will help direct your search to the perfect product. 

  • Features

Probably the largest category in our buyer’s guide: features. Recliners come with a myriad of available features. Obviously, recliners will be able to recline. But, you can also browse sites to find products with:

  • Massage capabilities
  • Heating and cooling
  • Phone chargers
  • Drink holders
  • Rocking and swiveling ability in addition to reclining
  • Neck or lumbar support

The options listed here are just some of the more common features available in modern recliners. You will need to decide what and how many of the available features you want in your perfect product. 


  • Durability

Most recliners are an investment, so you will want to find one that will last a long time. The materials used in the construction of the recliner will determine its durability and cleaning requirements. Experts typically say that it is not the moving parts of a recliner that break, it is the non-moving parts. Thus, you need to purchase a recliner that is well made and sturdy in its frame as well as its reclining apparatus. 

Recliners with a solid wood construction are best, but they will cost a lot more. You can find good products with plywood construction. Just do your research before committing to a plywood or pressboard recliner. The manufacturer’s warranty should also last for at least three years, which will protect your investment in the recliner. 

  • Cost

Finally, as with any furniture purchase, you will need to consider the cost of the recliner. Most people will have a budget when they look for a recliner. The budget will determine what products, features, materials, and style you can afford. 

There is a large price range for recliners. You can spend as little as a couple of hundred dollars or well over $1,000. This is why knowing your personal budget is so important. It will help narrow down your product choices and allow you to find the perfect recliner. 


With a large number of recliners available in 2020, looking for your next one can be very intimidating. But by keeping the aspects mentioned in this article in mind, your search will be much easier. Finding the perfect recliner does not have to be a challenge. You just need to decide on the size, style, features, durability, and cost you prefer and then begin narrowing down your choices. Keep this buyer’s guide in mind as you begin your search for the perfect recliner. It will not steer you wrong. 











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