The Perfect Bride to Be Outfit: Here’s What to Wear for Engagement Photos

The Perfect Bride to Be Outfit: Here's What to Wear for Engagement Photos

About half of engaged couples wait 13 to 18 months between their engagement and their wedding. This gives them plenty of time to plan the perfect engagement photos.

One of the most critical questions is, what to wear for engagement photos? Don’t let this task become daunting. Follow these helpful tips, and you’re sure to have the perfect outfit for your photoshoot.

Stay True to You

Your photos should look like you and your fiance. It’s a mistake to go all out. Think about who you are as a couple and plan engagement photos that showcase that.

Choose outfits that you feel comfortable in. This is two-fold, the clothes should be physically comfortable to wear, and they should make you feel great in them.

If you feel self-conscious or uncomfortable, it will read all over your face in your photos. Instead, have your confidence shine through with an outfit that accentuates your favorite features.

Complement but Don’t Get Matchy Matchy

The outfits that you and your fiance wear need to look good next to each other. After all, there are only two of you in the photo, and you’ll be standing close to each other.  Don’t take this too far, though.

You want the two outfits to complement each other without being overly matching. This also goes for busy patterns. The best thing to do is plan with your fiance what your outfits will be from the beginning.

Try blues and yellows or pinks and whites. You don’t want to look overly staged, so if this is overwhelming, then the safest bet is to stick to neutrals. You could also consider making it really fun and getting the whole wedding group involved with something like Photo Booth Rental where anyone could snap photos individually or as a group!

Embrace the Layers

A quick and easy way to create multiple looks is to wear layers. This gives you a quick outfit change without having to stop and change clothes.


Sure the engagement is all about the ring, but it shouldn’t be your only accessory. You can browse the jewelry website for more details about engagement rings. For your other accessories, try a chunky statement necklace.

Changing out your necklace is an easy way to change up your look.

Pay Attention to the Season

Keep the season in mind when you’re taking your photos. Partially so that you’ll be comfortable, but also so that your photos make sense. Don’t wear a summer dress in the middle of winter or a peacoat in the middle of summer.

Don’t try to fake the season, it’s painfully evident that your photos look off when you do this. Look at the forecast for your intended photoshoot and work with it. If you have your heart set on a particular seasonal look, then schedule your photoshoot for that season.

Know What to Wear for Engagement Photos

If you’re engaged and wondering what to wear for engagement photos, try these outfit ideas. Start with thinking about the season and working with your fiance to plan your outfits.

Try to complement each other without overly matching. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it.

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