Deeper Than the Surface: Understanding the Different Gemstone Meanings

Deeper Than the Surface: Understanding the Different Gemstone Meanings

If you’ve just learned about gemstones and their purpose in spirituality, you are probably wondering if all of them hold the same meaning and impact. Well, for clarification, all gemstone meanings are different.

There are a lot of things gemstones can help you accomplish. They can help to feel boosts your mental abilities, sanitize your space, magnetize wealth, improve intuition, attract love, and bring profusion in general.

It’s important to channel your energy onto one thing, to see fast and desired results. Understanding gemstone meanings, helps you to choose the one aligned with what you want to attract in your life for the best outcome.

Below are the most common types of gemstones and their meanings.

Agate Green

Green agates are earth stones. They are strengthening, nourishing, and gentle in nature. Unlike working with other gemstones, these beautiful green gemstones are less intense and can induce a stabilizing and calming influence.


This means that it takes a little longer to start seeing results but the changes you experience are deeper and somewhat permanent. When working with agate, you’ll feel happy in your skin, balanced and grounded as well as stable in the process of change.

Pink Calcite

This stone activates and enhances a heart’s deeper understanding. If you’re looking to resolve conflict or improve your empathic abilities, the gemstone will help you appreciate other people’s points of view.

Overall, it supports creating wholeness by releasing blocks. As a heart chakra stone, it helps you release blocked emotions and boost your emotional stability.

Pink calcite is powerful in enhancing the feeling of falling in love, or just loving life. It can also support calmness and a state of self-love.

It’s also beneficial for people who want to deal with their past emotional feelings and grief. As it facilitates the processing and releasing of the feelings that are no longer serving you. While this is hard to face, it does it in a gentle way like a good friend.


Charoite has gemstone meanings that allude to it helping you have a wider perspective on life. It helps you see beyond what you’re going through and focus on the bigger picture of how the universe is unfolding. This brings about a sense of peace and wisdom to determine the best place to direct your energy.

It also leads to an awareness of your synchronicities that allow your life to have a sense of flow and magic.

Black Tourmaline

This is one of the crystals with gemstone meanings that claim effectiveness in both clearing and grounding. In reality, “negative energy” doesn’t exist but it’s used to refer to negative emotions, patterns, and intentions that build up in people’s aura field, every once in a while. Black tourmaline transforms this negative energy into positive energy.

It also helps in purifying the mind and aura of anxiety and negative thoughts, which is why it’s recommended to individuals with very active minds. It helps the wearer to get out of their heads and into their bodies. It also creates a deeper connection between the individual and the Earth, making them feel at home in their body, and on the planet.


Tanzanite is said to bring about wisdom and spiritual mastery. Someone looking to get closer to the introspective parts of themselves and go within. It is looking at as a catalyst for transformation.

This powerful gemstone is great for revealing a different life and self. You can find these great stones at The Rare Gemstone Company.


Ruby’s gemstone meanings say that it activates confidence, determination, adventure, and passion. It helps you get past your fears and experience the liveliness of the other side. It stimulates your willingness and eagerness to try new things and get through with them.

It’s simply a power of life-force energy.


Some gemstone meanings are almost similar. Just like Ruby, pyrite boosts your creativity, assertiveness, confidence, and the ability to go for what you want in life.

It activates your warrior energy, leading to action to protect the Earth, community, and loved ones. Pyrite also supports mental focus, ambition, vitality, physical stamina, masculine energy and decisiveness.

Pyrite’s popularly used as a manifesting stone because it encourages an individual to take action and pursue their dreams.

Yellow Sapphire

If you’ll looking to attract wealth and abundance, this stone is a perfect choice. Yellow Sapphire is a stone for success and prosperity. It supports the solar plexus chakra that charges up your willpower with intense energy. This helps you to bring all your wealth in the invisible world to reality, where you can enjoy it.

Meditating with this gemstone, placed on your solar plexus will magnify your intention and radiate it out into the world. Yellow Sapphire’s fiery vibrations, boosts your willingness and energy to conquer your dreams and goals.

Besides its supporting energetic vibrations that help you achieve your goals, it eliminates doubt and the fear of failure. It also helps you get past the hardships while keeping faith that everything will eventually fall into place.


Howlite is calming because it leads you to truly living and letting go. You’re able to distance yourself with the attachments that are causing you stress and encourage you to enjoy your life without worries.

This induces peace and rest, making it a perfect stone for people struggling with insomnia.


To manifest a beautiful life, you first need to know what that looks like. By activating your will and imagination, this stone helps you envision your desires, and then give you the strength to get through with them.

Do You Want to Learn More Gemstone Meanings?

Learning about gemstone meanings and finding out to work with them can help bring many improvements to your life. Choose the areas that you would like to work on and find the gemstones that help you best accomplish these goals.

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