Popular Movie Themes

Popular Movie Themes

Producing movies is an industry that is continually progressing. You must be able to make multiple genres of films or you will not make it long in the business. No one genre is the end all be all of the film-making industry. As a producer, it is wise to know about the many varieties of screenplays that can be made. Here are some of the more common ones.

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An action plot will normally consist of a character or multiple characters ultimately trying to accomplish one main goal. They may run into problems or obstacles along the way, but the objective remains the same. This type of movie is normally packed with excitement and fills one with suspense wondering what will happen next.


Drama based movies deal with more of a realistic approach to one’s life story. These movies are filled with heart-breaking occurrences that often get in the way of the main character’s dreams. Heather Parry has produced dramas that will bring some to tears, portraying such a dark underlining tone that it is too much for one to emotionally handle.


While crime centered movies may contain some adventure throughout the plot, most of the film will deal with a crime that’s been committed or a crime that is likely to be done. Some films will focus solely on a criminal and the life he has lived.


Imagination and a good game of make-believe are very helpful for the plots of fantasy movies. Fantasy is based on things that are unreal, but they are shown in such a way to make watchers truly wonder it could be real.

When producing a new movie, watch other movies considered to be in the same category to help ensure you are on the right track. Trying to stay one step ahead of the competition will help make sure you create box office hits.


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