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In reality, the real estate market is often filled with promises from the seller, agents, and even the buyers. More often than not, these promises are not kept, and yes, this is sad for those involved in the real estate market. In recent times UpNest has been the difference in the real estate market. UpNest provides a platform to connect home sellers and buyers with top expert realtors who compete for your business. The premium benefit of this app is that it lets you choose realtors with the best records in the real estate market.

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As mentioned earlier, UpNest enables you to find the best realtors in your area; the app goes further to give you a variety of proposals from Realtors to enable you to choose at your discretion which agent best fits into the immediate transaction. There is the freedom to choose the real estate agent you want to interview. There is a guarantee to receive 3-5 commission quotes within 24 hours.

A major reason why the upnest app is patronized is that you are in control at all times in the transaction. You don’t need to chase agents or call around; you’ll receive proposals at your own comfort. This eliminates the stress we go through each time we intend to acquire or disposes of a property. Upnest is very much known for its data-driven results, due to the fact that only realtors /agents with a track record of great performance are invited to transact for your business. Upnest provides over 14,000 real estate agents in the country and also analyses each agent’s performance rating to easily pair them with clients.

Upnest offers an essentially unique service by attracting top-notch clients who strive to elevate, acquire, and transact in properties. They are known for excellent conversion rates, and yes, they have the number to show for it. Between 2015-2018 upnest revenue grew 1078%, completing more than $4billion in listings and home purchases throughout the united states. With a stat like that, it is not surprising that Upnest has been named back to back in the ‘Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list’, It ranked 116 in the 2019 list.

Upnest is a free service for home buyers and sellers; zero charges are involved for you to be able to participate in the services provided. Also, be rest assured that information’s and details relating to a particular transaction are kept private, and on no condition will it be released to a third party. Contacts and information are only shared with agents you choose to interview or transact with. They also provide a 24 hours customer support and advice service, just in case you need assistance or issues arise.

In today’s world, home buyers and sellers are on a hunt for efficiency and transparency in price from realtors in the real estate market. The transparency in price protects you from overpaying and enables you to know the exact payment you should make upfront, review commission rates, and buyers commission refunds. The recognition by Bay Area and Deloitte’s 2019 Technology Fast listing shows the excellent focus from Upnest in delivering an exceptional condition to both clients and agents in the real estate community.


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