How to Pair Kitchen Countertops with Gray Cabinets

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Homeowners are no longer fixated on the traditional white and browns for kitchen cabinetry. There has been a rise in the popularity of gray kitchens with homeowners using shades of gray on kitchen walls or going for gray kitchen cabinets. Gray cabinets are the trend and are popular owing to their neutral color. Grey offers a good mix of warmth and neutrality in design. 

Adopting gray in the kitchen is not without challenges. The gray cabinetry must be paired with kitchen countertops of a color that matches the hue of grey used for the cabinets. Cohesive kitchen design calls for the choice of the right materials, the right colors, and the right textures for flooring, cupboards, countertops and even appliances. Colors will either match or contrast depending on design outcomes.  

A color wheel may come in handy in selecting colors that match the shade of gray on your cabinets. Colors can coordinate in analogous, complementary or neutral combinations. Grey is a neutral color and has a calming effect implying it can be paired with bold colors such as red, yellow and orange. For a monochromatic color scheme, you can go for different shades of gray such as two or three shades to bring out your design.  

The following options will help designers and homeowners choose kitchen countertops that match with gray kitchen cabinets.  

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops 

White is a neutral color that works out well with grey cabinetry. It allows for maximum flexibility when going about the design features of your kitchen. A white kitchen countertop will match with any hue of grey painted on the kitchen cabinets.  

White-colored kitchen countertops are widely available in about all major materials that are popular. For example, it is easy to find quartz, natural stones, and laminates in pure white or shades of white that speckles of black or other colors. You will not be breaking the bank to find the perfect white-colored slab. 

The combination of gray and white is a good foundation for other design concepts that may be implemented in the kitchen. Pops of color can be added onto kitchen surfaces to give the room warm vibes. 

Grey Kitchen Cabinets with Black Countertops 

Black countertops present another perfect option for pairing with gray kitchen cabinets. Black is on the opposite side of the color spectrum to white. One great advantage is that it is equally easy to find black countertop material such as granite, quartz, and laminates for the kitchen.  

The choice of black is dependent on individual taste with options being pure black or going for shades of black that have speckles of white, crystalline and gray colors. With black, you must have adequate natural lighting and contrasting wall and floor colors to avoid a moody final look. The floor can be made of light-colored wood to provide contrast.  

Marble Countertops 

Marble countertops give a luxurious touch to the kitchen and are a perfect match for gray cabinets. Marble makes a good choice for both traditional and contemporary kitchen designs.  

Marble slabs may be slightly expensive but make a good investment choice since they are highly durable, transform the look of the kitchen, and are easy to maintain with regular sealing. Marble countertops can also be matched or contrasted to other fixtures and furniture in the kitchen for an elegant final look.  

Marble Countertops

Granite Countertops 

Granite is a popular material for kitchen countertops since it’s available in many different colors. Granite is also durable and highly versatile. You will always find a color of granite countertop that matches gray cabinets whether in black, white or other hues of gray including blue and green.   

Wood Countertops 

The butcher-block countertop makes a good choice for avid cooks since it can withstand repeated high usage and offers a large working space. Wood countertops are available in a wide range of wood types and finishes that can be matched with dark gray kitchen cabinets.  

Choose the specific stain or color of wood countertop that will go with a shade of gray used on your cabinets. One way to hack this is to carry a sample of your cabinets to the countertop salespeople or fabricators to ensure a perfect match.  

Concrete Countertops 

Gray stained concrete countertops can be matched with gray cabinetry for homeowners seeking to achieve a monochromatic look. Alternatively, concrete is easily customizable and can be stained with pigment to achieve the desired color that matches to a shade of grey.  

Click here to learn more on how to match concrete countertops to gray cabinets in your kitchen. To impart color to concrete, dyes, acid stain, and integral pigments are added to concrete during mixing. A concrete countertop can also be embedded with glass and other speckled material to make it more appealing.   

Slate Countertops 

Slate countertops are available in black that can be easily matched with light gray kitchen cabinets. Slate is a good choice since it is nonporous, unlike granite and marble which require resealing to maintain surface integrity and beauty. Slate requires little or no maintenance since it’s resistant to staining by acidic foods and drinks. Limitation in the availability of a variety of colors is a major downside with the use of slate slabs. 

Slate Countertops

Engineered Stones 

Pairing gray kitchen cabinets with different colors of engineered stone are possible and pull off a good final look. Quartz, an engineered stone, is highly popular for kitchen countertops. Quartz has many advantages over natural stones since it is non-porous and flexible making it resistant to staining and breaking due to brittleness. Black and white quartz countertops can be easily matched with gray cabinets in the kitchen 

In conclusion, the colors chosen for gray cabinets and kitchen countertops will play a critical role in the final look of the kitchen. The choices made should bring out the kitchen as an elegant and fun-filled place to be in the home. 


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