5 Benefits of Inpatient Hospice Care over Home Care

5 Benefits of Inpatient Hospice Care over Home Care

Every year, over a million people seek hospice care.

The end of life can be difficult for loved ones to deal with. Hospice care in all its forms tries to keep the patient comfortable. Hospice also provides support for loved ones dealing with the approaching end.

Receiving hospice care at home is popular. Inpatient hospice is also popular. There are several distinct advantages to receiving inpatient hospice care. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

Inpatient Hospice Provides a High Level of Care

While home healthcare can provide proper care, inpatient hospice can deliver a higher level of care. Having a facility designed to provide care helps healthcare providers. Access to proper equipment and medications can expedite your loved one receiving what they need.

Inpatient facilities also have staff on duty twenty-four hours a day. They will always be there to help provide the care your loved one needs to be comfortable.

Inpatient Hospice Care Relieves Stress on Family

Having a place where your loved one is receiving constant care takes stress off of a family. Losing a close family member can be extremely stressful. Having a loved one suffering is not something anyone wants.

Providing hospice care in your home can give you more time with your loved one. That time will come with an increasing amount of stress as their condition worsens. You may be able to enjoy the time you have with them more if they are in a care facility.

Access to Professional Care 24 Hours a Day

At an inpatient orange county hospice facility, there will be healthcare providers on-site at all times. This means that no matter what problem your loved one is experiencing they will receive immediate care. Your loved one will not have to wait for help to arrive.

This is especially true if there are complications that make the end of life more painful. Immediately dealing with these events can help your loved one rest better.

Inpatient Hospice Provides Proper Nutrition

Inpatient facilities have dietary teams to provide food for your loved one. The food will be balanced and will meet any specific requirements your loved one has. Providing this yourself can be both expensive and stressful.

Continuous Care Can Better Manage Pain Symptoms

Inpatient hospice facilities like those offered by Cardinal Hospice provide better pain management. This is because medication can be administered and changed by staff and doctors more quickly. If your loved one is experiencing intense pain inpatient hospice may be better for them.

Hospice Care Makes the Last Days of Life Better

Hospice care can come in many forms. Inpatient hospice is a viable option for anyone who needs special care or more attention.

Hospice also provides support not just for the patient but for the family as well. If you have a loved one reaching the end of their life making sure they receive hospice care is what is important.

Choose which option works better for your family. Not every situation is the same, and inpatient hospice can offer some solutions that at-home care can’t.

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