3 Tips for When You Call Roofing Contractors to Get a Timely Estimate

3 Tips for When You Call Roofing Contractors to Get a Timely Estimate

It’s not always a sure thing you’ll pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to have your roof fixed.

But if you wait until it’s too late, roof repairs can seriously break the bank. For one thing, you may need to have your entire roof replaced. And for another thing, the damage to your roof may have also affected the interior of your home, which of course, means additional costs.

Given that time is of the essence when getting your roof fixed, how should you go about hiring a roofer? Here are some tips to remember when you call roofing contractors in your area.

1. Research Before You Call Roofing Contractors

Yes, you’re already pressed for time, and you need to find a roofer right away. But you still need to do your homework to make sure you’re getting fair estimates.

Lucky for you, there are online tools you can use to make your research easier. You can try roofing calculators and estimators or you can post on roofing forums.

Once you have some idea about how much your roofing project will cost, you’ll be more prepared to talk to contractors. And you’ll know right away if a roofer is giving you a bogus rate.

2. Know the Right Things to Ask When Getting Roofing Quotes

Aside from the recommended questions to ask contractors, there are specific things you should know the answers to while on a call with a roofer.

These include asking if they will provide an itemized scope of work. This is important because you don’t want to rely on verbal estimates alone. Everything has to be detailed so that your roofer will think twice before asking you to pay more for new materials, additional problems found, and so on.

Other things you should discuss are their add-ons policy, labor warranties, and how soon they can send an estimator to your home.

3. Find out If They Offer Free Estimates

Some roofing companies offer free same-day, on-site estimates. DMV Roofing Pros, for example, are known for providing timely quotes at zero cost to homeowners in the DC Metro area.

If you don’t live in DC though, don’t worry. A simple online search will help you zero in on roofing contractors that offer free roofing estimates. Just type ‘free roofing estimates’ or ‘free roofing quotes’ plus the area you live in, and you’re sure to get plenty of results to choose from.

Need More Roof-Related Tips and Advice?

Now that you know some tips when you call roofing contractors in your area, don’t stop there.

If you have other questions about your roof, feel free to browse our site. From picking the right roof color to understanding the causes of roof damage to cleaning and maintaining your roof, and more, we have tons of roof-related articles that can help you.

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