12 Free Movie Streaming Sites like Putlockers

Sites like Putlockers

The Yuletide spirit is approaching and there is no better time than the present to binge-watch on shows. If you are already broke from buying that fancy scarf for your cousin, worry not. Ditch Netflix and Hulu for these free streaming sites like Putlockers! These will grant you unhindered access to a plethora of content, so much so that it becomes difficult to choose. Be spoilt for choice with this list of best alternatives to Putlocker.  If you are unaware of the potential of Putlocker, then let’s give you a brisk walk through time.

Discovering Putlocker – What does it do?

Putlocker is not just your next-door content streaming app. It is a host of multiple links and streaming sites put together to offer you a seamless viewing experience. In short, Putlocker is an online index which hosts files from multiple sources and brings together content from all over the web.

The website first surfaced in the UK back in 2011 and gained mass popularity. It was considered the next best thing since the shutdown of Megaupload, a similar streaming site. Since its inception, the site attracted millions of visitors on a regular basis.

The Knockdown

What makes Netflix and Hulu different from sites like Putlockers? While the paid streaming sites legally acquire the content from the source, sites like Putlockers are just hosts.

Putlocker and similar sites have since been under the radar of the Motion Picture Association of America as a major piracy threat. The domain address of the site keeps changing as proxy sites keep resurfacing every day using the Putlocker name.

But how safe are these proxy sites? Before answering this question, here is a list of best alternative sites like Putlockers to choose from:


The Internet is filled with several online streaming sites like Putlocker but, only some are considered convenient and competent. 123Movies is amongst the top suggestions owing to its user-friendly interface and variety. It lets you watch movies online without signing in and hosts the latest available content. The site follows easy categorizations for convenient access to content. Its home page gives you instant access to Trending, Most Viewed and Top IMDB suggestions. The online streaming site also lets you search for films and TV-shows as per genre.

You can also access 123Movies under the domain names of GoMovies, GoStream, MeMovies or 123movieshub.


Owned by Screen Media Ventures, Popcornflix is an amazing website for watching free movies online. You can choose from the latest movies and TV shows or even opt for the Popcornflix Originals. You can directly hit the play button or read the details before choosing the perfect movie for the occasion.

Additionally, Popcornflix also has a tab for Viral Vids which takes you to a host of viral videos rocking the Internet. Watch a goofy dog paint the wall and put a smile on that face!


Next up on the list of sites like Putlockers, is FMovies. A series of websites, FMovies hosts links and embeds videos allowing users to choose from a variety of content. You can watch free movies online or even download the content for viewing later.

This free website works well in the United States, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Korea and China. For other countries, FMovies has a host of official mirror sites to make it hassle-free. FMovies also hosts content from Putlocker, making it a formidable alternative to Putlocker itself.  FMovies also works well for anime lovers!


Here is a versatile alternative to sites like Putlocker. FlixHouse celebrates content and offers a collection of movies, short films, documentaries, trailers and even behind the scene footage for true film buffs. You can watch the content for free with their ad-supported service or opt for the premium version.

Although their range of content is greatly limited, the classic titles they offer make FlixHouse a film lover’s delight.


This one is popular in Alexa with a ranking of 45,345. Attracting a lot of visitors every second, Khaanflix is the cool new kid in the World Wide Web. With a plethora of content, Khaanflix has quickly grabbed its right as one of the best alternatives to sites like Putlockers. It hosts content from a variety of sites like GoMovies, FMovies, Solar Movies, Putlocker among others.

Just connect to a strong network, download your favourite movie and, you will be all set for the journey. Khaanflix divides the content under 8 broad categories for your convenience. You can access the newly released films and TV series under Featured or go all curious with the Genre. Khaanflix is also a great place for cartoon lovers with a dedicated slot for animated series and movies. Now, you can indulge in the classics like Mickey Mouse and reminisce your childhood.


Watch the latest theatrical releases from the comfort of your home with SolarMovies. Its easy interface helps you choose from a multitude of content with clearly distinguishable category levels. SolarMovie also categorises TV series according to genres, putting it ahead of its peers. Whether you are in the mood for a political thriller or want to get your funny bones tickled, SolarMovie will be your one-stop solution.

The free online streaming site also lets you access country-wise content for round-the-globe entertainment. So, don’t fall off the bandwagon and join the K-Drama army with this free streaming site!


If you want to stay updated with the latest Netflix releases and cinematic happenings around the world, Moviefone is your guide. It is as much a free streaming site as it is a service. It keeps you informed about the latest theatrical releases while also listing the theatres near you.

Moviefone is one of those sites like Putlocker, which encourages you to go beyond just a new release and explore more. What’s more, you will be updated with news and gossips from across the industries all under one platform! Besides, Moviefone gives you access to unscripted footage, trailers and even exclusive interviews. Though signing up is not mandatory to enjoy their free content, it is highly recommended for a daily dose of celebrity bombings and plot breaks.

Yes Movies

Say yes to 24×7 entertainments with Yes Movies. Alike sites like Putlocker, this one too hosts a versatile library of content to leave you spoilt for choices. Its selection bar enables direct access to your favourite content by typing in keywords.

This free online streaming site also has alphabetical search orders to make things easier. One of the best qualities of Yes Movies is its unique bridge between new and old content, making it the perfect tool for comprehensive recreation. Another laudable feature is its collection of soap operas across the ages; say aye to the drama queens!

Movie Ninja

It’s just not the name that is cool! Movie Ninja lets you enjoy ad-free content without registering yourself. If you are amongst those who spend hours browsing for the right content, this Putlocker alternative will be a time saver. Just click on the Suggest Me tab to get a host of options from the site. It also lets you catch up with last year’s greatest hits all with a single click.


So, you are the rebel, the history buff, the one with the nerdy tattoo! If you are hissing your way out of pop-culture, SnagFilms is the place to be. With over 2,000 movies, TV series, documentaries and exclusive original comedy shorts, there is something for everyone. Its well-defined categories make it unchallenging to find the relevant content. Home to Cult Classics and Festival Favourites, this innovative Putlocker alternative also celebrates Pride with its LGBT focussed content. You will also come across interesting categories like Climate Change & The Environment, Explore The World and Before They Were Stars among several others.


Although there are several sites like Putlockers which offers free online streaming, the reliable ones are lesser in number. GoMovies is undoubtedly one of the cleanest free online streaming sites with neat categorisations. You can easily download full HD films for free and watch them at your convenience.

Just scroll over to a movie or series and you will get a detailed synopsis, IMDB rating and run-time along with information on genre and country of origin. They even have a movie catalogue by years of release for the hardcore cinephiles.


Simple and convenient, LookMovie is one of the ideal alternatives to sites like Putlockers. The one thing which makes LookMovie stand out among the rest is its easy filter option. You can filter content by genre, year, rating and arrival first or IMDB list to find the one you like. It makes searching for your favourite movie or TV series a clutter-free task while ensuring that you do not spend hours on the web looking for a single content.

Sites like Putlocker for Anime

There are multiple threads on the Internet asking if Putlocker has a library for anime! A simple answer to that is a resounding no.

America’s love for anime has grown exponentially over the years. Anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and One Piece are hysterically gaining a popular base. An astounding example of anime popularity in the US is Netflix’s inclusion of the genre in their US domain. It even had its American anime original Castlevania, which gained mass popularity.

So, what is the best online free streaming site for anime?

Crunchyroll is a dedicated anime streaming site which has a free and a premium version. It possesses a vast catalogue of content starting from the cult anime classics to the contemporary favourites. If you are looking for sites like Putlockers which deals primarily with anime, Crunchyroll is the place to be.

VPN for Secure Streaming

It is best to secure your network before streaming from these online sites as nothing free comes without warnings. If you have gone through the list and tried some of these sites out, you may have noticed that they often redirect you to other pages. Since most of these sites like Putlockers host third-party content, the redirected pages or sites may not be entirely secure. This leaves your device vulnerable to malware and prying.

There is nothing better than precaution. Just install a VPN and be ready for secure content streaming from any of these sites. A VPN or Virtual Private Network ensures privacy online while maintaining your anonymity. Options like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are reliable and compatible with your browsers.

Reasons to Choose a VPN for Secure Streaming

Here are 3 ways in which a VPN can make your online streaming secure:

  • Anonymity: Keep the neighbours where they belong! Your online streaming history should not be subject to prying eyes of your ISP. Stream, download and browse content anonymously with VPN and keep your data protected from malicious third-party servers.
  • Unrestricted Access: Chances are that your ISP has blocked some of these sites, leaving you thirsty for content. Installing a VPN will enable access to blocked sites without disclosing your IP address. The VPN service provider reroutes the traffic through their server which tricks the streaming site into believing that you are somewhere else. Totally genius!
  •  Avoid Hassle: It is well-understood by now that these online streaming sites host a plethora of third-party links. These links may not always be cleared for piracy. Using a VPN will encrypt your Internet data and help you bypass any copyright infringement.

In this fast-age of smartphones and growing online content, sites like Putlockers are the new bed of entertainment. Hence, it is not surprising to see a thousand proxy servers take the place of an original when taken down. These online streaming sites help approach the diversity gap by giving the audience a taste of every culture and continent. It is truly revolutionizing the way people view content by making it all the more accessible, one byte at a time.


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