Iban Wallet – An Investment App suitable for any lifestyle

Iban Wallet – An Investment App suitable for any lifestyle

With the constant advances in technology, newbie investors can start out with an investment of only $1. All they need is an internet connection, a smartphone and some funds. However, the market for investment apps has suddenly become rife with new apps launched every now and then. Yet, some apps still stand out from the crowd.

Iban Wallet is one such investment platform that promises no fees on the account, allows lower entry barrier and minimum involvement of the investor on a daily basis. While the interest rate can be a bit bothersome, it is equally beneficial from an investment point of view. In this case, Iban Wallet allows investors to earn a projected fixed rate of interest from 2.5% to 6%, depending on their account type.

How it Works?

Iban Wallet works on a disruptive model. It takes funds from the investors and puts it as capital. It generates a fixed interest on their balance, which is sent to the account of the investors. In one way, this model can be deemed as savings accounts, but it has higher profitability. Even though this model is quite common in the sector, but Iban Wallet has now democratised investments. Also, it is easy to understand and easy to work with. As a result, anyone can earn from this platform. How it Works

How Iban Wallet Works in the Long run

For instance, you have an investment amount of $5,000 and you opt to invest it in an Iban Account. At a projected fixed interest rate of 2.5%, in long term lets say the net amount after 7 years could easily be over the $6,000 mark this means an earning of $1,000. Not bad for an income source that grew by itself.

When the users invite others to sign up on the account and deposit $1,000, they get a bonus of $25. This means that if you have a bigger friends’ circle, it can be really beneficial for you from an investment perspective. For the users of this investment app, they can withdraw money and deposit cash without any added fees. The best thing about this is that the interest is paid on a daily basis. As a result, it is one of the best savings accounts out there right now.

Iban Wallet operates in two continents,  this means that it taps a huge market segment within America and Europe. As a result, the firm is able to lend money to those who really need it and offers a very good return on investment to those who are willing to lend to these parties/individuals.


For those who are new to the world of investing, Iban Wallet is an ideal place to start. Reason being, it has been purely devised to help people who need the money and delivers a suitable interest rate to investors. The investment platform offers tremendous benefits to investors in terms of providing them with passive income. The projected fixed interest rate up to a projected 6% provides convenience to the users based on their present financial standing. It gives benefits that contribute to reaching a wealthy lifestyle without actively pursuing the investment market.


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