5 Signs of a Gas Leak and How to Spot Them

5 Signs of a Gas Leak and How to Spot Them

You’re taking a shower when the hot water switches over to cold. You go and check the hot water heater and smell a horrible rotten egg smell when you walk into the room. Back out of the room ASAP because this is a sign that there is a gas leak.

The rotten egg smell is the most obvious way to tell that you have a gas leak but it’s not the only one. You may also notice dead plants or a horrible hissing sound.

To help you spot a leak and keep yourself safe, keep reading for a complete list of gas leak signs.

1. Dead Plants

You walk out to your garden and you’ve noticed that a lot of your plants are either dead or dying. You could have a horrible green thumb or the cause might be a gas leak.

If a gas pipe under the soil springs a leak, then the gas will travel upwards and damage your plants.

2. Hissing Sounds

If you’re hearing a hissing sound coming from your gas lines, you’ll want to turn off your HVAC system and call a professional to come look at it. Hissing sounds is never a good sign.

It means that you have a leak and a bad one at that. It could be leaking refrigerant or it might be a bad compressor, but hissing is never something to mess around with.

3. The Smell of Rotten Eggs

Natural gas is colorless and odorless. So, how why does your house fill up with a rotten egg smell when you have a gas leak?

The answer is mercaptan. Mercaptan lets out the rotten egg smell when it interacts with natural gas. Utility companies use it as an additive, so when there is a gas leak, you know it.

4. Bubble Test

One surefire way to tell if you have a gas leak is to do the bubble test. Grab some dish liquid and mix it with water. Spread a little bit of the mixture on the area where you think you have the leak.

If it starts to bubble then that means you have a leak on your hands.

5. How to Prevent a Gas Leak

There are many ways to prevent a gas leak. It all boils down to maintenance. Be sure that your appliances are installed correctly. Get them checked out at least once a year for issues.

Ask a plumbing company about drain cleaning to keep your pipes in top shape. It also helps to install a carbon monoxide alarm in your home. That way, if there is a leak, you’ll be the first to know.

Spotting a Gas Leak as Soon as It Happens

If there is a rotten egg smell wafting into your home, don’t ignore it. This is a huge sign that you have a gas leak somewhere. Use these tips to find the source so can get the problem fixed before you get sick or worse.

Gas leaks aren’t the only danger you should be looking out for. Check out our blog daily for even more homeowner tips.


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