Travel Essentials for Baby Abroad: Top 7 Things to Pack

travel essentials for kids

Kids are a marvel, but they do tend to complicate things a bit now and then. After all, our lifestyles change drastically — especially when we have our precious firstborn. On the other hand, today’s baby products available in the market can solve pretty much any issue parents may have. If you can easily find the best jogger stroller to keep up your morning runs, you can surely find other useful devices that can help you go on with your lifestyle.

Traveling abroad with a baby is definitely a good example, and it does not have to be as intimidating as some parents believe. Here are a few examples of travel essentials for women and their children — regardless of how far you go or how exactly you plan to get there.

Essential #1 Convertible travel system

Quality systems are quite pricey, but they hit the list of travel essentials for baby abroad — mostly because they are many things rolled into one. A solid travel system will include a baby stroller and a full-scale car seat that fits neatly into a relatively smaller package that’s even allowed as hand luggage on a plane. Obviously, this is very handy when traveling abroad, but there is more to an investment like this. Travel systems are highly versatile — such strollers are often reversible, come with plenty of storage pockets, offering a full travel pack and baby transportation baggage in one purchase.

Essential # 2 Diaper Bag

Any mommy needs a spacious diaper bag — not only when traveling abroad, but also when running errands at home. Those little miracle workers come in the form of backpacks, traditional bags, convertible models that work both as bags and backpacks, etc. Many have isolated pockets for dirty diapers, not just clean ones. Besides, plenty of them have space for carrying changing pads, and other useful accessories parents may need on the go, so they do hit the list of travel essentials for baby abroad.

Essential # 3 Baby Carrier

Sightseeing is an exciting but tiresome process — especially when holding a baby. That is exactly why baby carriers hit our list of essentials for travel — even though they are handy enough at home. Going with a compact, foldable model is a good idea when traveling abroad because carrying a backpack on your bag and a baby carrier on your front will look weird and make you feel uncomfortable. Unless, of course, you’re traveling with a partner who can help you out. But, even in this case, a chance to carefully fold the carrier and stack it away is something all parents will appreciate.

Essential # 4 Anti-Colic Bottle

Investing in an anti-colic bottle is one of the most important long journey tips for moms because no one wants additional trouble on the road, especially when you travel aboard. Such bottles are designed to let less air in when feeding the baby, which seriously minimizes the risk of tummy pain. Also, they’re incredibly easy to sterilize, so such a purchase makes perfect sense even if you do not plan to travel abroad.

Essential # 5 Snooze Shade

This may not be one of the true essentials for international travel, but it helps on most long trips, not just abroad ones. These covers are pretty versatile and fit most strollers and car seats. The logic is pretty simple — you create artificial night conditions for the baby, making sure no sunshine disrupts their peaceful snooze. When you travel abroad, the time difference can be as annoying for the baby as it is for you. The covers are made of a whole range of different materials, but simple cotton usually works best.

Essential # 6 Chained Pacifiers

Some of the must-have travel essentials for toddlers, especially the ones who get jittery and lose those pacifiers all the time. Chains are attached to the little one’s clothing, making sure pacifiers stay exactly where they’re supposed to stay. Besides, babies can reach for it whenever they want, which is also a huge plus when traveling abroad.

Essential # 7 Sterilizer Wipes

Speaking of pacifiers, they have to be clean — among plenty of other baby things. Keeping a pack of wipes should do the trick, and if you’re looking for travel essentials for women Europe, this is it. Instead of hitting every store, trying to tell shopkeepers what you need, just stick to the brands you already know and trust. This will save you a lot of time abroad.

This quick list of travel essentials for long term travel is a good, pretty much universal, start. But then again, travelers — traveling families especially — are all different, just like their needs and expectations. Is there anything else you would add to this travel essentials for baby abroad list?


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