6 New Colors of Interior Paint Trending for 2020

6 New Colors of Interior Paint Trending for 2020

Can you name all of the 11 basic colors?

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, grey, black and white, are the 11 words we use to describe colors in the English language. Yet, if you look around yourself right now, you’ll notice way more than just 11 colors.

Studies are showing that the human eye is capable of seeing over 10 million different colors. As research reveals more about how colors work with our vision, paint professionals can release more options than ever before.

Alchemilla, alabaster, and metallic gold accents are just a few of the new colors that are becoming incredibly trendy. While other colors like mint green and eggshell white are becoming a thing of the past.

Are you repainting the inside of your home? If you want your interior decor, and wall colors to stay ahead of the times, you’ll need to learn the new color trends for 2020. Read on to learn about what new popular colors will make your house pop!

Choosing New Colors and Themes

Colors are the best way to complete the theme of your interior design. Yet, before you start picking out new colors, you’ll first want to consider the theme you’re trying to create. Here are a few potential themes your interior rooms could have:

  • Hollywood glamorous
  • Mid-century modern
  • Vintage farmhouse

Looking around your house, what type of theme would you say you’re already leaning towards? If you don’t have any type of theme going on, it’s time to start envisioning how you’d like the inside of your home to look.

Hollywood Glamorous

Combining luxury with sophistication, you can choose various gold shades to give your house a glitzy decor. If you decide to go with these color trends, make sure you have the right furniture pieces to match.

1. Alabaster for Mid-Century Modern Themes

Alabaster is a versatile shade of white that works well for mid-century modern themes. Earlier, we mentioned that mid-century modern themes are great for creating more space. Well, alabaster is the perfect, pale, porcelain color to help give your rooms the space they need.

On top of being light-reflective, alabaster also has an almost translucent quality. We suggest that if you use this color you layer it with warmer whites and creams to give it the richest effect possible.

2. Mushroom for Farmhouse Themes

If you’re leaning towards an earthy theme or farmhouse theme, you’ll want to look at the color mushroom. As a part of the field and woodland palette, the mushroom color is the perfect shade to help balance out a room. This soft taupe color has a slight pink tinge to it that helps give it a gentle contrast when paired with richer colors.

Mushroom is the outdoor equivalent to coffee and cream. You can use this color for neutral designs, or toned down designs. To help your interior decor match, consider getting linens that naturally have a mushroom tone.

3. Metallic Gold Accents for Hollywood Themes

Metallic gold accents will help give your home the glamorous Hollywood bedazzling you’re looking for. Rather than painting your entire interior with metallic colors, we suggest choosing one accent wall. The use of metallic gold colors on an accent wall is the best way to give your interior a sense of drama and luxury.

4. Azure for Sea and Sky Themes

Azure is the new color for blue, and it works wonderfully for sea and sky themes. This color is especially great if you need something to contrast with a bright background. The warm, rich tones of azure, create bold accents against bright sunny yellows.

Azure is also great for sea and sky themes because it pairs well with dramatic Caribbean colors. You could describe this color as being fresh and lively. Since Azure isn’t a complicated color, you can easily find ways to use include it in both kitchens and children’s rooms.

5. Alchemilla for Flowers and Blossom Themes

Alchemilla is the new green, and it works great with themes using flowers and blossoms. This soft, yellow, green color has an amazing ability to appear differently.

Depending on how the light is hitting the wall, alchemilla will either look yellow, green, or both. This fresh, cool color works especially well in rooms that have a lot of natural sunlight.

6. Zucchini for Fall Themes

Echoing the harvest shades of the field, zucchini is a must-have for any type of Fall or farmhouse kitchen theme. Unlike the traditional farmhouse theme, a farmhouse kitchen theme focuses on the colors of the harvest.

Zucchini is a golden, yellow color that looks identical to the color of a zucchini flower. This new color contrasts perfectly with dark vegetation colors, as well as light leafy greens. Zucchini can also blend well with the color of pumpkins, squashes, and other famous fall foods.

Preparing to Paint

Now you know more about how to pick the best new colors for your home’s theme. Yet, just because you know the colors you want to use, that doesn’t mean you’re ready to start painting.

Instead of committing to buying a gallon of paint, take the time to get several paint samples to test out on your walls. Paint samples are easy to obtain and in many cases paint stores will provide them at a discounted rate.

Once you have your samples, you can go home and test them out! Choose a discrete location on one of your walls, and paint an area the size of your hand. Repeat this for every sample, making sure to choose different walls each time.

After the paint fully dries, take photos and label each one with the color’s name so you can easily remember the look of each color on your walls. Do you want to find more ways to make your house look the way you’ve always dreamed? Check out our Home section today!


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