5 Plumbing Jobs Plumbers Say Never Attempt on Your Own

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Many homeowners, especially male ones, believe in possessing some basic plumbing skills to help them carry out simple repairs. While there are some simple DIY plumbing projects that you can carry out without requiring the skills of an expert, there are some plumbing jobs that are better left to professionals. Below are 5 plumbing jobs you should never attempt on your own.

  1. Gas leak repairs. This is perhaps one of the most dangerous plumbing jobs you can ever attempt on your own. Instead of trying to fix a gas leak, you should leave your home as soon as you suspect a gas leak, as leaks are dangerous and could lead to serious explosions. Also, avoid switching on the lights or turning on electronic devices. Contact a gas company immediately once you have left your home and are out in a safe zone. If you are not an experienced plumbing professional, you should refrain from carrying out gas repairs because only professionals can safely fix the underlying problem and advise you on how to prevent similar problems in the future. Find a plumber quickly instead.
  2. Sewer repair. This is yet another dangerous job you should never attempt on your own because the repair job might require some digging and yet you lack the heavy-duty tools to carry out the job efficiently. Moreover, professionals know where to dig to avoid creating a mess that could affect the surrounding environment. On the other hand, they might identify the problem and fix it without having to dig up the area.
  3. Frozen pipe repairs. You may not be familiar with this issue if you are living in warm areas or during summer. However, in cold areas and during winter, homeowners are more likely to deal with frozen pipes than in warmer areas. This is likely to result in burst pipes because of the pressure buildup in the pipes. Instead of trying to conduct repairs on your own, you should turn off the water from the main valve for the pipe to thaw on its own before calling a professional plumber to come and check if everything is okay.
  4. Low pressure. If you’re using a tap with low pressure, you can become frustrated from waiting, especially when you are in a hurry and want to finish whatever you are doing and leave the house or do something else. While you may view this as a minor problem, you should never attempt to fix it on your own. This is because the problem can be caused by several underlying issues that you may not be able to detect and solve on your own, for instance, hidden leaks and cracked or clogged pipes. This is why you need to call your plumber because experts have the tools to detect and resolve the underlying issue as quickly as possible.
  5. Bathroom remodeling. This task is not as easy as many people may think, as inexperienced plumbers can make serious errors that might cost much more to fix than if you were to call a professional plumber in the first place.

Therefore, if you are a homeowner who loves to carry out minor plumbing jobs around your home, you should probably stay away from these 5 plumbing jobs because you may not have the skillset or tools to carry out the task at hand.


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