Hardwood Floor Care Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Year-Round

Hardwood Floor Care Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Year-Round

Hardwood floors look great and can help make your home stand out. However, you need to know how to properly clean and maintain your floor to make sure it lasts a long time. To learn more about proper hardwood floor care, check out this simple guide!

Make Sure to Clean up Any Spills as Soon as Possible

If you happen to spill something on your hardwood floor accidentally, wipe it up quickly with a damp cloth. Take care not to use a mop or steam cleaner, as they can cause damage to your floor over time. Moisture can make your wood grown and shrink, so you should try to avoid high levels of humidity.

In addition to quickly cleaning up any spills, you should also have a “no wet shoes indoors” policy. Try to keep your home’s relative humidity between thirty and fifty percent. You should also try to maintain an average temperature between sixty and eighty degrees.

Try to Sweep or Dust Your Hardwood Floors Every Day and Vacuum Weekly

While this may seem like an excessive move, it is good advice for hardwood floor care. No matter how clean you keep your floors, dust will gather and settle in the board gaps and wood grain. If you have pets in your home with a tendency to shed, you will likely need to do this anyway.

You should also make sure to vacuum your hardwood floors every week. This will help ensure that any dirt missed by sweeping doesn’t end up scratching your floors.

Avoid Mopping Your Floors with Water and Use Mineral Oil or Hardwood Cleaner

Rather than using water that can damage your floors over time, you should make use of hardwood floor cleaner. Steam and wet mops will end up dulling your floor’s finish and eventually damage the wood itself.

Only use the minimum amount of cleaner to avoid oversaturating your floors. You should also check if your flooring has a protective coating, which may require a specific cleaner to avoid causing damage.

Mineral oil is an ideal choice for those who want their floors to have a natural look. One of the major benefits of mineral oil is that it is non-toxic, which makes it ideal for use around pets and children. While it has to be reapplied over time, it makes for a great looking wood floor.

Avoid Exposing Your Wood Floor to UV Light and Termites

You should make use of blinds and curtains from sunlight, which can cause discoloration over time. If left exposed to sunlight, your hardwood floors will start to fade and age. You should also make use of rugs and furniture to help block sunlight from your floors.

As with all wood, it can be susceptible to wood-eating insects such as termites. Fortunately, you can get termite treatment from Bunnings or other home improvement stores.

Proper Hardwood Floor Care Is Worth the Effort

Hardwood floors provide an attractive and durable walkway for your home. Maintaining a hardwood floor takes work, but it will last for years with proper care and attention. Check out our website today for more articles like this!


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