Worried about Burglary? Here’s How You should Secure Your Home

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Burglaries have declined in recent years but somehow they are still one of the most common crimes. Burglary is considered any infraction that involves unlawfully entering a building to steal property and is usually committed at night. In Australia, for example, the number of burglary victims recorded by the police has dramatically declined over the past 15 years, but there may be more or less common depending on how safe your city is. Because burglaries are not that common anymore you still have to ensure your home security and family well-being.

People have chosen different ways to protect their homes but not everyone has a steady budget to make it possible. Though many individuals worry only about night security, in most cases, a burglary occurs during peak hours, when everyone is at work or school. A reason why is important to take the necessary precautions during the night, day or anytime you leave your home to be sure everything stays secure. If you just moved and your new home doesn’t seem that safe to you, consider the following tips:

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Update your Locks

Maybe the new house you’ve just bought has the same old locks. You should conduct an inventory and check if there are damaged locks or if there might be some extra keys left around without your knowledge. Or, are there any exterior locks remained unchecked and easy to pick? Be careful and inspect your house’s exits in the smallest detail if you want to ensure safety. Be smart and hire a professional locksmith, he will know what to do and undo around your house. A good locksmith will ensure your safety and will ease your job.

Learn to Think like a Burglar

It might sound crazy, but this can help. You should learn how a burglar thinks if you wish to be safe. Watch your house from the exterior and think like one. Does your house seem like a possible target? Usually, thieves prefer easy places to hide such as dark corners or behind your greenery too. Be smart and install some motion-activated cameras, or make your landscaping noisy. Replace those smooth shrubs with thorny bushes that may scratch anyone who attempts to climb on top of them.

Secure your Doors and Windows

Every efficient thief knows that before climbing into your windows they will check first if there are other easy ways to enter your house. Be smart, always keep your doors and windows locked when you’re not at home. Invest in some smart locks that can automatically lock the doors behind you in case you forget. If you have sliding doors consider a glass break sensor.

Make friends among your neighbours

Being friendly with your neighbours can make your neighbourhood a safer place. If you’re planning a holiday, you won’t have to worry about your house, your neighbours will be as devoted to your house safety, as you will be in theirs. You may avoid being a victim by making friends among your neighbours. But first of all, make sure to:

  • Announce your neighbours whenever you plan your holiday, so they can be around.
  • Tell them to pick up your mail and newspapers when you’re not home.
  • Assign them some extra keys instead of hiding them around your door because thieves know where to look.

Don’t Forget About the Garage

Burglars tend to check your garage too, so make sure you look your door from interior. Don’t open your garage door if you don’t need it to avoid thieves from seeing your possessions. They might analyse any potential entry points to your house, so be aware if you have garage windows and cover them. Consider an upgrade to your garage door, check for some smart locks.

Keep the Lights on

Because a lot of burglaries occur during the night-time, you should consider keeping your light when if you leave for a holiday. This will naturally offer your home safety, appearing occupied. Also, you can add smart lights in every entry point of your house that can be motion-activated, also, some of them can be programmed to stay on an entire night, or for how long you need. Smart lights for many, are an ingenious invention because they can be scheduled for whenever you’re not home.

Adopt a Dog

40% of home burglaries happened when you’re not home during the day. Those burglarized houses are more likely not to have a dog. A dog is the oldest manner to ensure security besides other benefits a pet could ensure you. It doesn’t matter what type of dog you choose to have.

A small dog is easier to maintain and they make a lot of noise when they see a stranger around your house, while the big ones can be threatening. Your friend will help you feel protected; hence you’ll sleep better at night. You must allow your dog access to different areas where a possible burglar might intrude. You can install all sorts of signs such as “Beware of Dog”, or leave dog toys in your yard, or anything that can indicate the presence of a dog.

Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

These alarms are known to be extremely proficient for thieves, while they increase the fear and possibility to be caught by the police. There various types of alarms from where you can choose. You only need to make sure is perfectly maintained and correctly programmed.


To maintain a house secure you may follow the mentioned tips or you can make short research after you’ve checked your house in the smallest detail. To maintain your home’s security, be sure you’ve investigated everything in detail. Make some research, see what you might need and what entry or window in your home requires improvement. Most thieves enter via the garage door, back door kitchen or bedroom windows, make sure you burglar-proof these to improve your chances of never agonizing after a break-in. Consult with a home security expert if you don’t fully understand this process, there are plenty of them.



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