Choosing the Best RV Water Hose: 7 of the Best Options in 2020

Choosing the Best RV Water Hose: 7 of the Best Options in 2020

Purchasing an RV and hitting the open road is many people’s dream.

Whether you’re a part-time RV enthusiast or live in yours full-time, there are many accessories that take RV life up a notch.

Since water is an essential part of day-to-day life, making sure the water system in your RV is part of those upgrades makes sense. Keeping your RV stocked with fresh water should be a priority — after all, from showers to drinking to dishes and more, water is a critical part of our daily life.

And one of the simplest is a new water hose. Keep reading for our top seven best RV water hose picks!

1. Best Heated Hose

Especially for full-timers who need a fresh supply of water year-round, purchasing a heated water hose for those cold months is a smart decision.

Frozen pipes can lead to huge and expensive hassles, so taking precautions to keep your freshwater lines clear and running should be a priority.

Our pick for the best-heated RV hose is the Camco TastePure heated drinking water hose. Camco is known for outstanding products, and their heated version is no exception.

Available in multiple lengths, it’s a long-lasting hose with heavy-duty construction and fittings.

It features an energy-saving thermostat that makes sure you’re only using power when necessary. The sturdy exterior sheath keeps the electrical components safe and makes it a perfect hose for other winter applications like supplying stock tanks.

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2. Longest Hose

The Element Marine and RV water hose is one of the longest hoses available at 50 feet.

While other hoses come at the same length, this one deserves a spot on our list for being able to deliver a fast and strong water pressure even at its longer length. It has sturdy crush-resistant couplings and resists kinking.

The one downside is the strong chemical taste it produces at first. Make sure to run water through it before drinking to reduce this issue.

3. Most Sturdy Hose

The Plastair SpringHose is constructed out of virgin-grade polyurethane material, making it UV and abrasion-resistant.

It features a memory recoil design that keeps it from damage caused by overstretching and kinking. It will extend and then recoils to its original shape immediately after use.

However, best of all, it’s also lightweight and compact in spite of its tough design. The one drawback is the fittings, which aren’t quite as sturdy as the rest of the hose.

4. Easiest Hose to Store

You have limited space on your RV.

While many hoses are bulky and hard to roll and stow, we found one that does the job while staying compact.

The ClearFlow Garden Water Hose is made of a unique lightweight and clear material that not only makes it super easy to roll and store, but also allows UV rays to pass through and keep water safe from algae buildup.

In spite of its lightweight design, it features crush-proof fittings and is marketed as being able to withstand freezing temperatures. The only con we have for this hose is the yellowing that occurs after being exposed to sunlight for a time.

5. Best All-Around Hose

If you’re looking for one hose that features it all, we have you covered.

Our favorite pick for its all-around versatility and use is the Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose.

Featuring anti-kink technology and Camco’s standard clean water design that frees drinking water from lead, phthalates, and BPA, this hose is a constant favorite among the RV crowd.

It’s about twenty percent thicker than most standard RV hoses and comes in sizes up to 50 feet long. This hose is reinforced, making it durable and long-lasting.

The one drawback to this hose is that its heavy-duty construction can make it a little more difficult to store and unroll.

6. Hose for Cleanest Water

Having drinking water free from contaminants is on most people’s radar these days, with the high levels of pollutants found in some water.

If you’re looking for clean water, the Camco TastePURE is our pick. The non-heated version of the TastePURE offers all the same benefits without the extra bulkiness of the heated version.

This hose is constructed from PVC material, meaning not only will your water be free from phthalates, BPA, and lead, it also won’t have that typical “garden hose” taste in your water.

It has the same durable construction other Camco models offer, meaning good-tasting water won’t come at the price of longevity. The one downside to this particular hose is its water pressure, which isn’t nearly as impressive as others on this list.

7. Best Hose for Kinks

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to fill a tank and having to run back and forth fighting kinks.

Unfortunately, hoses that don’t kink are often less sturdy as a tradeoff. You won’t have to worry about that with this model from Teknor.

The Teknor Apex NeverKink lives up to its name.

It uses a patented mesh technology that prevents tangles, kinks, and twists of any kind. As an added benefit, it has built-in anti-microbial protection that keeps mold and mildew at bay.

The connections are easy to attach and sturdy, and it’s easy to store due to its flexibility. This hose is thinner than most, however, so water pressure may not be as high as some others on this list that boast heavier construction.

Now You Can Choose the Best Rv Water Hose for You!

Finding the best RV water hose depends largely on what you need out of it.

Consider your needs carefully when making your choice.

Will the hose be rolled and unrolled frequently? How large of a space do you have to store it? How far away will you be parked from freshwater hookups that might require a longer hose?

If you’re looking for more helpful articles, check out the rest of this site to keep reading!


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