How to Delete All Photos From iPhone?

How to delete all photos from iPhone

Do you have plenty of photos on your iPhone or are you losing out on storage memory? Here, we will tell you how to easily delete images from the iOS device you own. Here, we will not only give you a guide on how to delete all photos from iPhone, but also how you’d do it from the Mac, Google Photos, and so on.

How to delete photos one by one?

You might want to delete all photos from iPhone but you might want to take a look. In such a case, you wouldn’t want to brush them all off at once but take time individually. For this, you got to open the ‘Photos’ app, find, tap on the series of photos or videos you wish to delete. Once you have selected one, just put it in the trash to confirm you’re deleting the photo. It will go to the ‘Recently Deleted’ section.

Videos and images are all stored in the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder for a 30-day cycle. You can recover any image from there within a month. Once that crosses, the files get permanently deleted.

How to delete multiple photos from iPhone?

Looking for ways on how to delete all photos from iPhone 2019 as you have the latest version? Well, the process remains pretty much the same. If you plan to remove more than one image, you need to tap ‘Select’ present in the top-right corner, choose images that you wish to delete, and put them all in the trash. For making things simpler, you need to tap to drag a finger right across your screen and choose adjacent photos quickly.

How to delete albums on iPhone?

If you wish to delete an entire lot of images and videos, you can do that too. These are usually required when you take screenshots, selfies, or Live Photos that you wish to remove all at once. These are always grouped together and you’d find albums for them. You can also create an album by yourself for maintaining a separate record.

Once you are inside the album, choose ‘Select’ present at the top-right on the screen and then tap to ‘Select All’. After this, you need to press the trash icon and have them all deleted at once.

You can remove an entire album, provided that you created it yourself. These are not just automatic ones like Screenshots, but what you made individually. You need to navigate to the Photos, find the Album, click on Edit and find a red circle appears.

How to permanently delete photos on iPhone?

To really know how to delete all photos from iPhone you have to get rid of them permanently. Since all the photos go to your ‘Recently Deleted’ section, you need to further delete them from here. Why do you have to do this? Because it still eats up your space.

You need to go to your ‘Photos’ section, ‘Albums’, and then select the ‘Recently Deleted’ option. Click on the select present at top right corner to choose the picture again. If you want to delete all the images present in the album, you need to select them all and delete them at once.

How to delete every photo and video at once?

Now you know how to remove individual, multiple, and all photos together, you need to try it with videos and images both. The best way to remove every photo or video present in your iPhone, you need to use Google Photos. Of course, PC and Mac options are there, but Google Photos is easiest. Check how you can use all of these as given below:

1. Google Photos

The app provides unlimited images and videos to back up. It has a unique compression technique that doesn’t drop the quality but compresses the files. You need to download the Google Photos app from your Apple App Store. You then need to sign in with your Gmail account and take a backup of your file. Depending on how large the file is, this might or might not take time.

In addition to offering cloud storage for iOS consumers, Google also gives you the ability to remove images and videos directly from the iPhone. For this, you need to open Google Photos, select menu icon present on top-left and go to Settings. Turn to Manage Device Storage and then Free Up Space.

It will search the library for videos and images that have been backed up to the Google Photos app. Here, you are asked for confirmation before you can remove the items. When you’re sure you wish to remove them, just press on Remove and allow Google Photos to delete the photos. These will all get removed from the Camera Roll. Finally, you need to head to Photos app to access the files in Recently Deleted section. You need to delete them in the same way as given above, and you’re done.

2. Mac

Mac has a hidden select that allows you to delete photos from the iPhone. Image Capture option is simple, yet a productive way that let you easily delete images permanently from the iPhone.

You need to open Image Capture and make sure that your iPhone is connected with the Mac device. Next, you will find your photos to pop up and then you can delete all of them by clicking on Cmd + A. You can also select with the mouse and click the tiny red circular icon present next to the Import T option. Here, you will be promoted to delete and you just need to select.

You can also use the iPhone or the upgraded Photos for deleting images from your iPhone. It might not be as quick as Image Capture, but you will be able to restore the pictures easily if you make a mistake.

3. Windows PC

If you have a PC, it is very easy to delete photos. You just have to plug in your cellphone and ensure that you trust or allow it to have access. Once connected, you need to go to the DCIM folder of your iPhone, select the images or press Ctrl + A for deleting all. Just right-click to get the Delete option or press Shift + Del for removing them permanently.

Now that you know how to delete all photos from iPhone, you can easily remove the unwanted files and fill them with newer ones.


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