Keeping it Contemporary: 7 Modern Home Design Ideas for a Classy Look

Keeping it Contemporary: 7 Modern Home Design Ideas for a Classy Look

So you’re planning to build a new house from scratch or renovate part of your existing home? How exciting! And what a wonderful opportunity to incorporate some modern home design ideas that take full advantage of contemporary advances.

Contemporary Versus Modern

A quick word about the nuanced difference between “contemporary” and “modern”. design. Contemporary design includes the latest innovations while modern design refers to a specific era in architectural and design history. Since architects and interior designers use modern elements in contemporary design, the distinction is somewhat blurred.

Exteriors and House Structure

In an effort to bring housing costs down, technology has discovered some interesting and durable alternative materials to use in construction. Our first pick incorporates innovative materials and classy design.

1. The Plasticity of Fiberglass

This unusual geometric design is a fiberglass work of art. It shows an effective use of steel frame and lots of glass for natural light and a pleasing aesthetic.

GFRC, or glass fiber reinforced concrete, is worth considering as a building material. Its flexural strength is two to four times greater than conventional unreinforced concrete. It requires no steel reinforcement, is a great insulator, and extremely durable.

2. Sustainable and Savvy

The smart thing to do is go the sustainable route. A sustainable house can look and feel fantastic. Element s to consider are energy-efficient appliances and lighting, recycled materials, renewable energy, insulation and air sealing, and efficient heating and cooling methods.

This neat sustainable design has it all and will save you a lot of money in construction and maintenance costs.

3. Modern Home Design Ideas for Expressive Interiors

Let’s face it, we live inside our homes, not outside. Yes, it is important to have well-designed architecture. But surrounding ourselves with imaginative yet practical interiors does us the power of good.

Bold use of color, both in furniture and furnishings and fittings as well as the colors of the paint on the wall is one technique used to good effect. Sometimes contrasting colors in one room can enhance the shape or the light of the space.

Effective use of MDF cut to size – in a variety of colors and finishes is an excellent way to give a living space a facelift.  Medium-density fiberboard can be used as wall cladding or to make custom-designed kitchen cabinets. MDF comes in a range of thicknesses, and so you might find that it works well for a DIY partitioning job too.

Living Spaces You Thrive In

Some of us have a clear vision of what we want and what we don’t want. Most of us, though, need to look at a lot of pictures showing off others’ designer ideas and creations.

There is no harm in that. Just imagine what new things you might discover!

What’s important is that you love the exterior and the interior of the space you’re living in. Browse through our other articles to find the modern home design ideas that have the look and feel that’s right for you.


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