5 Wall Covering Ideas That Present Alternatives to Paint

5 Wall Covering Ideas That Present Alternatives to Paint

Need to make your space a little more “you” but feel dampened by the restrictions of your landlord? Decorate your walls with alternatives to paint.

Whether you rent or just don’t want the hassle of painting your walls, browse these wall covering ideas that’ll be sure to brighten up your home.

1. Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper has recently skyrocketed in popularity. An ideal option for those who want style without the paint.

And this isn’t Grandma’s wallpaper! There are a lot of beautiful designs that will help make your house become your home!

This wallpaper uses a special adhesive to attach to the wall. Make sure to follow the instructions for perfect application, and when you’re done with the wallpaper, just peel it off to reveal a damage-free wall.

A neat alternative to temporary wallpaper is called a wall decal. These are fantastic if you don’t want to cover a whole wall or want to create a personalized aesthetic.

2. Fashionable Fabric

Fabrics are a good option to cover a large portion of the wall with minimal damage. There are a few trendy ways to approach using fabric on the wall and it all depends on the vibe you’re going for.

Tapestries are a perfect wall decoration design to complete your laid back look.

Or keep your place classy and chic with a new focal point- hanging curtains! They’re not just for the windows!

To hang either of these up, consider using velcro, a curtain rod, or nails if you’re allowed.

3. The Original No-Paint Wall Decor, Art!

Whether you want to create a wall cascade of framed family pictures or use your favorite piece of art from Luis&Janet, wall art is a good way to brighten up those blank walls.

While picking out your art, imagine a theme to create the aesthetic you want. Whether you focus on the color blue, black and white images of old buildings, or flowers- if you have something in mind from the start the room will pull together without needing to paint the walls!

4. Wall Shelving

If you aren’t into painting your wall, and art or a tapestry aren’t exactly meeting your needs, try filling the empty space with shelves. Huge plus for those who are limited in space or for those who want to keep items away from children or pets.

There are a lot of shelving options available if its something you’re interested in!

Use flat shelves to display your books or square shelves to house your favorite cactus (the cat won’t get it there, right?) or candles.

5. Wall Covering Ideas Meets Space Saver

If you’re short on room, consider double purposing your stuff as an alternative to painting your walls. There will be no doubt that this is your space!

It’s a two for one deal! Hang up your bike, guitar, or display your beloved spoon collection on the wall.

Just make sure to use materials that will have a clean removal if you’ve got a landlord!

Make Your Space A Home

Not being able to paint can be a disappointment, but you can still decorate your walls and create a place that feels like home.

Keep up with us at Tasteful Space to get advice on DIY projects and stay up to date on the latest trends!


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