The Video Game Advantage: Everything to Know About Online Gaming

The Video Game Advantage: Everything to Know About Online Gaming

About 67% of the U.S. population plays video games. Yet many people feel shamed about their hobby. There’s the stereotype of an overweight, unhygienic gamer hiding in their parent’s basement, surviving on takeout pizza and mountain dew.

This clearly isn’t reflective of most gamers. As we battle the stereotype, we’re here to clear up some myths. So here’s the question: are there benefits of gaming?

As it turns out, yes. Here are 10 ways video game players have that video game advantage.

1. Build Problem Solving Skills

Video games provide a serious of problems and tasks that you have to solve. As it turns out, this correlates to a real-world ability to solve problems quickly.

Video games give gamers a lot of problems and thus provide a lot of practice solving problems in-game. As a result, gamers are quicker to come up with viable solutions for real-world problems.

2. Improve Attention Span and Concentration

Very few things command attention like video games. This can improve a gamer’s ability to concentrate on other tasks in the real world.

They can concentrate for longer periods too before getting distracted.

3. Create Better Surgeons

As it turns out, studying medical texts during your free time might not be the best idea for a surgeon. Surgeons who specialize in making minor incisions make 37% fewer mistakes during surgeries.

So next time you’re going under the knife, make sure your surgeon has spent some good time on COD in their downtime.

4. Make Money Gaming

Video gaming is a notoriously expensive hobby. Gaming consoles. Gaming subscriptions. Games themselves.

But, gaming doesn’t have to be a money pit. In fact, there are a lot of ways you can make money gaming.

Major events like Fortnite tournaments offer millions in prize money. But there are a lot of other options for gamers to bring in money via video games. They can stream on Twitch, tutor other players, or compete in minor league tournaments.

Gamers can even turn their hobby into passive income with a gaming YouTube channel or a gamer blog.

Want to make some money on the side? Check out places like casino på nett.

5. Gamers Make Better Team Players

Games like Apex Battlegrounds, Call of Duty, or Overwatch relies on one factor: teamwork.

Gamers have to work together to achieve a goal. And they often have to deal with other gamers that aren’t on the same page. It requires communication, compromise, planning, and coordination.

And as it turns out, these skills translate into the real world as well. Gamers have practice communicating with others when members of the group. They know how to express when someone isn’t playing well with others. They know how to coordinate when they need to regroup and focus on the goal.

6. Build Social Skills

Gamers have a reputation for spending hours alone in front of the screen. But that doesn’t mean they’re being antisocial or they’re avoiding other people.

Gaming can help people build their social skills. They learn to communicate well and effectively with others. And the friendships gamers build can translate over into real-life relationships.

Take for example these couples that met on World of Warcraft and even getting married. Or this group of gaming friends that met in the real world when one of their pals fell terminally ill.

The point is, gaming is a good way to stay in touch with friends and make new friends too.

7. Gamers Think Faster

Many games demand fast response times. Gamers don’t have time to think, they have to rely on reacting. As it turns out, this is good for your brain.

Spending a lot of time forced to think under pressure teaches your brain to think faster.

8. Gaming Relieves Stress

What’s a better way to come home from a long day than to relax with your favorite game? This isn’t only a wind-down hobby, it’s a genuine way to relieve stress.

Stress, of course, is linked to a myriad of health problems. It causes illnesses like anxiety, depression, and heart disease.

The stress-relieving benefits are even strong enough to curb cravings. Playing games reduced cravings as much as 70%, and relieved cravings in minutes.

So whether you’re coming home from a long day, or you’re trying to cut back on impulsive eating, pick up a video game. It can make it easier to relax and hold back on bad habits.

9. Gamers Are Better Multi-Taskers

If you’ve ever played a game like Kitchen Craze, you know how the importance of multitasking in games. Gaming pulls your attention from one spot to the next rapid-fire.

Gamers often have to focus on many elements all at once, keeping track of them and responding on time. This translates into real-life multi-tasking skills.

So in professions where you have to balance and manage many tasks, playing video games can help you stay on top of it.

10. They’re Fun

And finally, playing video games is just fun. They’re great to play solo, or with groups of friends, in person or online.

So like any other hobby you enjoy, do so shamelessly. Gaming has great benefits that translate over into real-world skills, so have fun, and game away.

Gaming Gives You the Video Game Advantage

As it turns out, playing video games has a lot of benefits. Gamers end up with the video game advantage. It can make it easier for them to get along with others and solve problems quickly.

So next time your friend sits down at a video game, remember these gaming benefits, and maybe even join in.

Keep checking back for more great articles and fun tips!


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