Why I gave my baby up for adoption

baby adoption

When children are born, women usually lit several candles to celebrate. However, most of them end up giving their children for adoption. The decision of giving up a child for adoption starts very early but to many parents, they give their children for adoption because of reasons beyond their control. In this brief, we are going to list several reasons why parents give their children up for adoption.

Unplanned pregnancy

In a situation of unplanned pregnancy, parents only have three options with the option to terminate the tips of healthy pregnancy being the most daunting. The girl should either choose to parent the child, Give up the child for adoption or just terminate the pregnancy. (unionsquarepractice.com)

The last decision on what to do with the child will be based on your personal intuitions. Though you will get several counselors out there that are available and willing to help you make the decision, and also walk you through the entire process.

I am not ready to be a mother

I usually come across many women that are not willing to be mothers but they accidentally fell into the trap. In such situations, most women choose to give up the child for adoption. Maybe she’s not ready for all the responsibilities because she’s completing her studies or just starting on her career. Some women also feel that they are too young or unprepared to get to this stage.

I cannot afford to parent the child

There are several other situations when a young mother that maybe was left by the lover immediately she got pregnant cannot raise enough money to parent the child. The fact is that raising a child is very expensive. It is actually estimated that the cost of raising a child up to the age of 18 is $230,000 which can be out of reach of many young mothers. Maybe the mother is not prepared to pay all the expenses including clothes, food, childcare, and food.

I cannot provide a positive, stable and a safe home environment for the child

I have also come across many mothers especially those living in the streets claiming they gave their children up for adoption simply because they thought it’s very risky to live with the baby in the same conditions. There are several other reasons why a mother cannot provide a safe and conducive home environment for the baby. Maybe there are some family situations that are forcing the mother to give up the child for adoption or the birth father-mother relationship is not safe.

I am too young to raise the child

Talk of a situation where a mother is as young as 10-15 years, the mother is in school and also trying to beat the adolescent and so cannot raise the child. This is essentially because the environment and the situation doesn’t allow. What this means is that most teens and young mothers will always give their child for adoption because they are too young to live with the baby and also to provide for all the material needs of the baby. Take a look more in details on unwanted pregnancy.


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