Healthy Self-Esteem: 7 Key Benefits of Increasing Your Self-Confidence

Healthy Self-Esteem: 7 Key Benefits of Increasing Your Self-Confidence

Suffering through a bad day? It might make you feel worthless, but don’t let it get to you. It shouldn’t drag your confidence down.

You should strive to maintain healthy self-esteem. It can do more than putting a smile on your face.

Not sure how more self-confidence helps? It’s not a placebo! Read on below to discover┬áseven benefits of good self-esteem:

1. Boost Performance

One commonly mentioned benefit of healthy self-esteem is better performance. People with low self-confidence often spend their time worrying about people not liking their output or making fun of them.

Too much worrying can lead to low-quality work and the criticism against it could lead to even lower self-confidence. This creates a spiral of depression and bad performance.

Gaining more self-confidence frees you from this spiral. It lets you focus on the more important aspects.

A person with low self-confidence might stutter or freeze up during a presentation but someone with high self-confidence already trusts his or her work. They’ll instead spend time improving their speech and gestures for the presentation.

2. Freedom to Be Yourself

The world around you will always try to dictate life for you. Friends and family will always say you should strive for a certain career or to not make a certain life decision. They all mean well but their constant reminders can bring a person’s self-confidence and belief in their decisions down.

Boosting your self-confidence allows you to stand strong for your decisions and identity. You can take other people’s advice but have the strength to decide whether you should take heed or go a different route.

When people criticize you for a certain hobby or lifestyle, you’ll be able to shrug it off and not feel bothered by it. This also allows you to focus on your hobbies without feeling guilty or down.

3. Improved Health

Some might assume that confidence has no effect on your health but the truth is quite the contrary. The National Alliance of Mental Illness points out that while low self-confidence is not recognized as a mental condition, it does lead to poor quality of life and may lead to illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

The organization also points out that low self-confidence can lead to substance abuse and addiction. People who suffer from low self-confidence sometimes resort to illegal drugs as an escape, allowing them to feel some form of relief from negative feelings.

Confidence and self-worth tie in the way you treat yourself too.

Self-confident people often value their body more, which motivates them to follow a healthier diet and a decent work-out routine. This makes them less likely to fall into a lethargic lifestyle, therefore preventing obesity and the illnesses that come with it. Build confidence and you could lose weight, look healthier, and live free from diseases.

4. Better Time Management

Did you know that self-confident people get more done in a short period? We all have only 24 hours a day to get everything done but people with low self-worth hardly finish their tasks. They spend too much time worrying or disregarding important details.

With more self-confidence, you can move on from one task to the other without worry. You believe in the quality of your work and you trust you did everything possible, never missing a mark. This builds momentum throughout the day and you can get more tasks done.

This becomes crucial in the workplace or school. Students and employees face an ocean of tasks, whether these be exams, school projects, client meetings, and work audits. Higher self-confidence helps people face and finish all of these obstacles.

5. Influence Others

A person with a positive outlook affects people around them. By building confidence, you could become a leader that people look up to. This becomes a crucial aspect if you aim to get a promotion at work.

It can also help your family during times of trial. Family members might feel too depressed to get anything done due to the grief of losing someone or from the disaster of a natural calamity. If you showcase self-confidence and the will to move forward, this could inspire others to do so too.

Better self-confidence can also influence classmates. If you’re knee-deep into an important group project, your confidence could inspire your groupmates to contribute and do better. You’re doing your best to get a better grade and this confidence motivates others to do the same.

6. Comfortable Socializing

Do you have to attend a Christmas party for work or join a meeting with strangers? People with low self-confidence struggle with socializing because they fret about people’s opinions. They fear what people might say about them.

Building self-confidence combats this.

One of the biggest benefits is that you won’t struggle to ignore false criticism. You won’t feel or look like a fly on the wall. Having self-confidence guarantees you’ll initiate conversations and step into group activities.

7. Confidence is Sexy

People feel attracted to someone overflowing with confidence. It shows that the person doesn’t get swept away easily by criticism or difficult hurdles in life. Self-confident people also appear stronger, smarter, and more motivated than those with low self-esteem.

If you want to approach someone at a bar or a party, you need self-confidence!

Without confidence, you won’t have the strength to walk up to that person and start a conversation. Without confidence, you won’t be able to handle rejection. Some people play hard-to-get and would pay more attention if you don’t give up upon the first signs of doubt or rejection.

Achieve Healthy Self Esteem!

Improve your life and enjoy the benefits of healthy self-esteem. Build your confidence so you can motivate yourself to do better at work or school. Boost your self-worth so you can influence others to try harder and so you can enjoy being yourself.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle don’t end here. If you want to read up more great lifestyle tips and advice, feel free to read through our other posts today. We might have the exact guide you need to move forward!


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