Autumn Outfits: Your Guide to the Best Fall Fashion Trends

Autumn Outfits: Your Guide to the Best Fall Fashion Trends

Are you up to date on the latest seasonal fashion trends of 2019? If not, now is the best time to start so you can be a trendsetter. By rocking the best fall fashion trends you will turn heads and be the best dressed anywhere you go. Keep reading below to see the top fall trends of 2019.

1. Little Hand Bags

The designers have spoken and little handbags are in. We are talking about teeny-tiny bags that can fit your Airpods and nothing else.

Snake or crocodile print is trending with these handbags. Even solid fall colors such as green and purple can be found.

This bag is perfect for throwing a few credit cards in and going on a shopping spree. You will look fabulous at the coffee shop or even when buying a car to match the latest fall trends.

2. Bye Millennial Pink and Hello Millennial Purple

So about that car you’re going to buy with the bitty bag, it should be a lilac purple. Last year the light millennial pink took the fashion world by storm and turned into one of the biggest trends.

This year pink is turning purple and it’s still just as beautiful.

The purple is a light orchid hue that you can incorporate into your outfit or accessories. The color will look brilliant on anyone and that’s why we love it!

3. Capes

This is one of the biggest fall fashion trends of 2019 for men and women.

Capes create a flattering silhouette while keeping you warm in the fall weather. They can be bought in any color and still be one of the fall fashion trends of 2019. You can get them in tweed and animal print to spice it up.

4. Suits and Blazers with Belts

One of the rising fashion trends is a blazer cinched with a belt.

Some jackets come with a belt already built-in, but you can buy them separately. Even go the extra mile and turn your outfit into a suite. You can find this trend from Parda and Marni.

If you want to save money, take a blazer out of your closet and buy a belt to match!

5. Satin

Versace has brought back 90’s satin dresses, making them one of the hottest trends. Their re-designed satin dresses have neon colors with lace details that contrast.

You can wear this trend as a jacket, shirt, pants, or even shoes. Even an accessory such as a purse or backpack can be the sleek fabric.

Satin is great for formal events and can be worn for casual days. Buy a button-down satin shirt to double as formal wear and a stylish work shirt.

6. Long Coats

Long coats, yes like trench coats, are a rising fall trend. They can be lightweight or heavy wool. Keep in mind that to rock this trend the longer your coat is, the better.

This will be your statement coat for the season. The ideal coat should hit below the knee and come in black, dark green, or beige.

7. Lace Dresses

Dresses are something that will never be out of style. What’s important is to pay attention to what dress design is in and this season it’s lace dresses.

These dresses can be any color and still rock the trend. They can be worn as casual attire or formal wear. Even vintage lace dresses from years ago are trending!

8. A-symmetrical Neck Lines

Lace dresses aren’t the only trend in right now, A-symmetrical necklines are too. Dresses that are off the shoulder or with a neckline lower one side is what you’re looking for.

This trend just isn’t all about dresses. Take it to sweaters and shirts to be extra stylish.

9. Fleece Jackets

Warm and fuzzy fleece jackets are finally a fall fashion trend for 2019. It’s safe to say these jackets will never go out of style and will most likely end up as one of the fall fashion trends for 2020.

You can get a designer Fendi or rock an affordable Northface or Patagonia. Even a fleece vest is great for this trend.

You can rock a solid color, multi-colored, or even animal pattern jackets. Pullover hoodies look just as stylish too.

10. Tall Boots are Back

Remember the high boots that were rocked back in the 1970’s? Well, the style made a comeback this fall.

Tall boots are one of the biggest fall fashion trends of 2019 for shoes. They should be a light brown and rise up to the knee.

Wear these with a long coat to make a bold fashion statement.

11. Animal Print Shoes

Don’t want a solid colored shoe? Well, animal print footwear is in.

You can buy animal print sneakers, boots, pumps, and more. This trend is bold and bound to make a statement.

12. Heels with Glitz

If heels are your preferred footware then be trendy in jeweled heels. These shoes contain a few gems as decoration and can be found on stilettos and wedges.

13. Green is Forever a Fall Color

Everyone has a green sweater somewhere in their closet. Now is the time to pull it out!

Green always trends around fall. The dark color is flattering on anyone and can easily be casual or formal. Some designers say that accenting yourself in lighter shades of green is a great way to wear this trend.

14. Plaid is the Pattern of the Season

The big fall fashion trends for 2019 Vogue is Plaid. Plaid is a great versatile pattern. It comes in many colors and on many clothing items.

Wear this trend as a skirt, jacket, or shirt. Try pairing the pattern with a solid color to accent it.

15. Combat Boots

Who doesn’t love a good combat boot? They can be sleek and stylish or bulky and durable.

Whatever style you decide to wear is in. The versatile combat boot looks great with any fall trend.

It’s Time to be a Trend Setter

We have discussed the best fall fashion trends of 2019. You know the rising trends from accessories, dresses, patterns, and shoes. Now it’s time to put your fashion sense to work and to start wearing these fall fashions.

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