Nudge Your Inner Writer – 5 Ways to Get Up and Blogging Again


Many of us start blogs because we have something we want to say. We have a voice and we want the world to hear it. Its our own little corner of the internet and it’s ours to do with what we wish. But sometimes, that initial writing spark fizzles out and life gets in the way. Or we get bored. Or we feel frustrated at the lack of interest in our posts and opinions. Or maybe it was more hard work then we initially thought?

Regardless of why you stopped writing, the truth is that you’re missing out on a huge opportunity! The opportunity to let your inner writer flow and document your life, give advice and gain confidence. There are hundreds of reasons why you should start blogging again, read on to discover the top 5!

It doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think

Many of us enjoy writing about a specific niche, whether that’s sports, travel, parenting or lifestyle etc. But what we dislike is the amount of time we then have to spend, editing, proofreading and checking for spelling and grammar errors. It really can take the shine off of your writing career. However, using sites like this will provide you with the tools you need to help you push through those tedious elements of blogging. Give them a try!

You’ll boost your writing skills

Writing can be seen as a form of self-improvement. You’re basically working on a talent that can help land your dream job, make you stand apart from your fellow employees, give you experience in a writing environment and even give you the skills and discipline needed to publish your own novel or book one day. Go back over your old work and you’ll probably notice a few things that you’d happily change! There’s no right or wrong, but there is development and growth. Embrace it.

You could make money

Blogging can be potentially lucrative. And with a little hard work and persistence there’s no reason why your blog shouldn’t be. When you build a following you’ll have the opportunity to sell the advertising space on your blog and make a neat income from it. You might also be approached to try and review products that are relevant to your blog. You can make money from your inner thoughts!

It will boost your confidence

Remember that feeling when you published your first article? Or that first comment you received on a post? Chances are you were on cloud 9 and were immensely proud of yourself. Blogging gives you a platform to express yourself completely unchallenged, it also allows you to speak with and connect with other people who share your opinions and genuinely enjoy your take on life. It’s a huge confidence booster! And if it makes you feel good then do it!

It’s fun

From visiting amazing places, trying new foods, talking about your wardrobe choices, your parenting hacks, offering advice on flights and destinations – blogging is fun!



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