Fixer Upper: 8 Stunning Backyard Design Ideas You’ll Adore

Fixer Upper: 8 Stunning Backyard Design Ideas You'll Adore

Everyone dreams of one day owning the home that they’ve always dreamed of…

They envision mowing their own grass, laying out in a beautiful wood-floored living room, preparing dinner for the family in their dream kitchen.

Of course, the one thing they think most about is showing off their style in the exterior of the house, the free land they own in the back of their house known as the backyard.

But what to do with the backyard? What kind of backyard design is possible with the space you have available?

Read on for a few examples of fun and creative designs to consider for your backyard.

1. Xeriscaping

Shout out to all of the readers out there that live in Arizona, Nevada, or any other state that doesn’t have a lot of lush grass available on their property.

Just because you don’t have Kentucky Bluegrass in your yard doesn’t mean you can’t create a breathtaking layout. The desert soil brings out a beauty you can’t get anywhere else in America.

You may be wondering: What is xeriscaping? 

Simply put, xeriscaping is designing your landscape without much (if any) irrigation to it.

These styles show off the climate that you live in and embrace the local beauty of your town. What’s better than using that to your advantage for backyard design?

2. Outdoor Dining Space

Do you enjoy having people over for the big game or just for frequent get together’s with friends and family? If so, you’ll want to make sure people have a space to eat when hanging outside.

The backyard completes the house party experience by having everyone converse in the open air.

An outdoor dining space can be done in many ways: on a patio (more on that in a second), on a brick area, or in the screened-off concrete pool area that you have.

Whatever you decide, having a dining space is really tasteful and shows your guests that you know how to entertain!

3. Patio

Is there anything more welcoming or relaxing that a beautiful patio during the spring, summer, and fall months? The answer is no… nothing else comes close.

Patio’s come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can create one that fits any space that you have, just make sure it falls in line with your city’s building codes and zoning laws.

Because there are so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose just one template. Follow this patio guide to see which one fits best with what you’re trying to accomplish.

4. Fire Pit

Nothing tells your guests “let’s keep this party going” more than having a fire pit in your backyard!

Fire pits come in several different forms: you can build one yourself out of stone and brick, buy one made of metal from your local hardware store, or simply dig a tasteful in-ground pit for all your campfire moments.

Better yet, a fire pit doesn’t take up much space at all. So you can always add it on to your backyard layout down the line.

Now you have an area for the entire family to bond, tell stories, and construct s’mores on a weekly basis.

5. Outdoor Kitchen

Are you someone that takes great pride in your grilling? If so, kick that up a notch by designing a fully-functional outdoor kitchen.

Football Saturday’s and Sunday’s will never be the same, now that you can cook and set up shop from outside the house.

You only need to make the outdoor kitchen as extensive as you’ll need. Not all of them need a refrigerator and a freezer. If you don’t see a need for those, then don’t add them.

Simply design a cool little bar island next to the grill and have a cooler there for the meat and beer… there you have it!

6. Kid Playground

Looking to maximize your backyard more for the little ones than anything else?

If so, there are several kid’s playgrounds that you can set up within your yard that will last for decades.

Are you trying to be the cool dad/mom in town and go a bit further than the run-of-the-mill playset? Build a treehouse for the kiddos! Contrary to popular belief, treehouses don’t actually need to be near a tree at all, your child won’t mind.

Give them a hut to take pride in for years to come, and you’ll always have peace-of-mind knowing where they’re hanging out at.

7. Stone Path

Going for more of an artistic vibe with your yard to show off your love of culture?

Every guest will appreciate a nice, well-laid-out stone path to guide them to your backyard’s finest features. Where exactly should the stone path lead? It doesn’t matter!

Have it lead your guest from the back door to the pool. Maybe put it alongside the side of your house to lead guests to your new patio.

Whatever you decide, a beautiful path will add a sense of elegance and convenience for you and your family.

8. Pool

What’s the one thing that everyone appreciates in a backyard more than anything else? A pool for the summertime!

Your friends and family will flock by the hundreds to visit you after installing a place for them to hang out and relax when it’s hot out.

If a full-fledged pool isn’t in the budget, there are still options out there such as a stock tank pool, a blow-up pool, or even a hot tub (who doesn’t love those?).

Find a Backyard Design That’s Unique to You!

Now that you’ve seen some clever ideas, start thinking of a backyard design that fits what you and your family are all about.

Be sure to check back with Tasteful Space every few days for tips on home design, lifestyle, and travel suggestions.

Good luck with designing your yard! It will all pay off in the end when you’re enjoying the layout years into the future.


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