9 Tips to Designing Your Dream Bathroom

9 Tips to Designing Your Dream Bathroom

If you’re looking to update your home and want to choose a project that will provide you with the greatest return on your investment, you definitely ought to consider remodeling your bathroom.

On average, you can recover about 50 percent of the cost of your bathroom after it’s redone and redesigned.

Are you ready to upgrade your bathroom? Are you unsure of where to start?

Listed below are nine tips that will help you design your dream bathroom.

1. Maximize Space With Built-Ins

Everyone wants more storage in their bathroom, and built-in shelves are a great option to consider.

Even if your bathroom has plenty of space, you can still make sure it feels bright and open by opting for built-in shelves instead of cabinets and racks that stick out from the wall.

You may even want to consider carving out storage space in your bathroom’s interior walls. This’ll help the room feel larger and give you plenty of places to put everything.

2. Consider a Clear Shower

A clear, glass shower door (or set of doors) looks very sleek and modern. It also helps to open up your bathroom and create the illusion of more space.

Instead of using a traditional shower curtain, which can close off the room and make it feel cramped, look into installing glass doors.

It might even be a good idea for you to get rid of your bathtub (especially if no one uses it) and opt for a shower to save more space.

3. Use a Max of Two Paint Colors

A maximum of two paint colors in a small space like a bathroom is a good rule of thumb for most people.

If you use more than two paint colors, you run the risk of your bathroom looking cluttered and too busy. Choose one color for the walls and one for the trim and accessories.

Try to stick to neutral colors, too. If you want to bring in some pops of colors, do that with your bath towels or other decorations.

4. Let There Be Light

The more light there is in your bathroom, the better.

Not only will bright lighting make it easier for you to apply your makeup or style your hair when you’re getting ready in the morning, but it also helps your bathroom feel larger and more spacious.

Make use of task lighting and mirror lighting, and make sure the lights are placed in a way that doesn’t cast shadows throughout the room.

5. Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

When buying materials for your bathroom, look for low-maintenance options.

Porcelain and reconstituted stone are good examples to consider. They’re easy to clean and are less susceptible to water damage.

Natural stone, on the other hand, is more porous and requires a lot of sealing to keep it looking nice long-term.

6. Invest in the Basics

If you’re looking to save money while upgrading your bathroom, make sure you don’t skimp on basics like plumbing, electricity, and waterproofing.

If you try to go cheap on these things so you can afford a fancy waterfall shower or other feature, you’ll end up paying the price later.

Invest in these staples so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be less likely to have to deal with flooding or short-circuiting in your bathroom once the design process is finished.

7. Look Into the Latest Technology

If you want to update your bathroom so that it has a luxurious feel, or so it can help to raise the resale value of your home, looking into installing new technology.

A steam shower or heated towel bar, for example, can help the room to feel more spa-like. It also makes it a more comfortable place for you and anyone who may be buying your house in the near future.

8. Consider Replacing Your Door

Many people don’t realize that the type of door they use for their bathroom can have a big impact on the way it looks and how functional it is.

If you’re using a traditional door, make sure it swings out instead of in. You may want to swap it out for a pocket door (one that slides into the wall) as well.

Either of these approaches will help the bathroom feel larger, and it’ll be easier to get in and out of it.

9. Choose the Right Vanity Size

A vanity is a must for almost any bathroom. It’s important to make sure you’re choosing the right vanity size for your space, though.

If you have a larger bathroom to work with, a 60 inch bathroom vanity is a great option, especially if you want it to be the main focus of the room. If you’re lacking space, though, consider going for a smaller vanity.

You may even want to consider one with rounded edges, as these take up less room and are more likely to become a hazard (we’ve all crashed into the corner of the vanity on a late-night bathroom trip, and we can all agree that it’s not pleasant).

Design Your Dream Bathroom Today

If you’ve been overwhelmed at the idea of updating your bathroom, hopefully, these tips have given you some inspiration.

Are you more excited about designing your dream bathroom? As long as you follow these guidelines, you’ll have no trouble creating a bathroom that will add tons of value to your home.

If you want to learn more about bathroom design, or about designing other areas of your home, check out some of our other decor and design articles today.


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