Create Your Own Beautiful Backyard Retreat: 5 Picture-Perfect Backyard Design Tips

Create Your Own Beautiful Backyard Retreat: 5 Picture-Perfect Backyard Design Tips

When it comes to relaxation, there’s nothing like having a little slice of the outdoors to call your own. That’s why so many people prioritize making their backyards an amazing space to spend time in.

Still, it can difficult to know how to set up a beautiful backyard if you’re not craft-minded. You’ve got all that open space, but what can you do with it? How do you make it your own private oasis?

Read on, and we’ll walk you through a few backyard design ideas that can do just that.

It’s All About Lighting

If you use your backyard area in the evening and nighttime hours, then the task you have at hand is all about creating the right mood.

Too dark is uninviting, yet too bright is jarring and uncomfortable. You want to create a vibe that is mellow, comfortable, but easy to navigate in.

There are many different kinds of lights you can use for this effect. String a few stick-in lights through the garden spaces, so that light floats up through the shrubbery.

Alternatively, get a few China balls with bulbs and hang them up for soft, sensuous light. If you’re really on a budget, you can always go for a few strings of white Christmas lights to help illuminate your deck area. If you haven’t even gone as far as to set up a deck area, you can call a service provider like Citywide Sundecks to help you out.

Try An Outdoor Movie Spot

If you have a big open wall alongside the back of your house, it might be the perfect spot for some outside entertainment. All you’ll need is a projector and some comfortable lawn chairs and you create your very own slice of cinema.

For added fun? Program your own movies series by the month and invite friends and family over. October is perfect to show your favorite horror movies, for example.

Or use the summer months to explore movies from a certain director or that circulate a similar theme.

Cozy Up By The Fire Pit

Possibly the best backyard weather comes in the fall when the weather gets comfy cool but not too cold. If you don’t have a fire pit set up currently, adding one to your backyard can be the perfect addition.

The fire pit you can buy at the store, but the surroundings are up to you to craft. You can carve out a walkway in the dirty and place the fire pit atop a bed of stones for a slick feel. Instead of dragging furniture from the deck across the lawn, invest in some comfortable outdoor furniture to lounge on.

Keep those pieces by the fire for whenever you get the urge to light up.

Tips for a Beautiful Backyard

An open plot of grass behind your house can actually be space for a million opportunities. The above are just a few suggestions for how to create a beautiful backyard.

Need more tips on crafting the perfect living space? Check out our homeowner’s page for more.


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