Essential Things You Need to Know About On-Hold Music

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Did you ever wonder why you hear informational messages or music when the person on the other line places you on hold? The reason behind this is to give the caller something to listen to while they wait.

These messages and music were not randomly selected. The best on hold music and messages are specifically designed based on the caller’s psychological reactions every time they were put on hold. Here’s how on-hold music and messages work.

Caller’s Perception of Time

One of the significant reasons why callers end up frustrated when they go on hold is that they believe the time they were made to wait was extremely excessive. Even if they were on hold for 2 minutes, they could feel that this is longer than necessary.

Unoccupied time, or “dead air,” makes the waiting time seem longer. However, if music or content is filling this unoccupied time, the callers wouldn’t be too conscious of the time. The same concept justifies why “explained waits” are better than unexplained ones. It is like informing the caller that someone will answer them soon.

Music can be the message.

One of the main reasons why best on-hold music is popular is that it gives time between messages for the caller to understand the information he just received. It is essential for maximum recall. Music acts as the message. Apart from that, it also helps pass the waiting time.

Then again, not any kind of music can serve this purpose. Only certain kinds of wedding music can calm the person on hold. A Time magazine article published by Justin Worland, explains why playing pop songs and other recognizable music can create a more positive caller experience compared to bland and repetitive melodies. The latter kind, along with elevator music, can make callers more frustrated.

Help in Managing Anxiety

In handling callers who go on-hold, anxiety management is a factor to remember. The more irritated or anxious the person becomes, the more likely he is to hang up. If he hangs up without getting a resolution, expect negative feedback about your business.

For instance, the variety and length of music and messages affect the caller’s mood. Repetitive and short messages and melodies can drive the caller crazy. Who wouldn’t? Just imagine hearing the short message or the short music repeated again and again? Chances are, you’ll hang up feeling worn out.

Information that Callers find Interesting

Every message sent to a person aims to keep the person attentive and engaged or promote sales.

Again, if messages are kept long enough to make the caller wear out, you can expect an angry customer that might lead to more significant problems for you and your company.

On the contrary, if messages are shorter and varied, the caller can be more interested in holding, paving the way for the presentation of solutions, instructions, or promotional materials. All of these can be significantly productive for your business.

Who can provide you with productive and engaging on-hold music?

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