Smart Renovation Planning: How to Get Through Your Reno with Your Sanity

Smart Renovation Planning: How to Get Through Your Reno with Your Sanity

House renovations are notoriously stressful times for homeowners.

Take the financial implications. Renovations don’t come cheap!

A full-bathroom remodel, for example, can cost up to $62,000. That’s an enormous sum of money, which could easily cloud the renovation in stress and strain.

In truth, stress can arise from any number of sources. Mistakes, delays, and disturbed routines all lend their weight to the trouble.

Looking for some smart renovation planning tips to help you get through a coming remodel?

Keep reading!

1. Set a Budget

Never enter a renovation without setting a spending limit in advance.

Don’t, and you’re looking at a one-way ticket to trouble! A rapidly depleting bank balance is a scary and stressful predicament. A budget is a key to preventing expenditure from getting out of hand.

It’s about looking at your savings and deciding how much you’re willing to invest in the renovation.

2. Book Vacation Time

You’ll probably want (and deserve) a holiday by the end of the renovation!

However, the vacation will have to wait. Try booking time off work in order to focus on the renovation instead. Nobody wants a renovation to drag out.

Being on-site for a consistent chunk of time has a host of benefits. You can supervise workmen and have greater opportunity to get the DIY side of the project sorted too.

3. Seek External Support

A renovation is a great time to call upon friends and family for help!

Plan ahead and invite people together to help out well in advance.

Extra hands on deck can make all the difference.

It’ll speed the menial tasks along like nothing else. You might even know someone with the tools you need, which can save the expense of buying them.

Support from professional services might be required too. For example, you could free up some space and solicit a self storage company to hold your goods throughout proceedings.

4. Expect Issues

Renovations rarely proceed without a share of hiccups.

That’s especially true if you’re taking a DIY approach. There’s just a lot of room for error! Even if professionals are involved, you never know what might happen.

The wrong materials might arrive, structural problems might be discovered, and damage might be caused that you need to fix…and so on.

Being flexible with deadlines and expecting problems to arise will help keep stress-levels in check. Issues that occur will come as less of a surprise!

5. Take Breaks

Taking breaks can seem like a backward approach to finishing a job!

However, they’re an essential way to remain focused and motivated. Renovations can start to feel all-consuming and everything about it becomes a challenge.

Cultivating space away from it all will help you recharge. Feeling refreshed, you can set about your tasks with renewed energy and enjoyment.

Time to Start Renovation Planning

As any homeowner knows, renovations aren’t easy.

Frankly, in the thick of the project, they can seem more trouble than they’re worth. Stress can arise from all angles. Thankfully, you can limit the struggle with the right approach to renovation planning and proceedings.

Hopefully, this post has provided 5 useful suggestions for doing exactly that.

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