Buying Vs Financing a Car: Which is Best for You?

car financing

Purchasing a car is one of the biggest commitments you can make, and so knowing whether to buy it outright or to finance it can be a difficult choice. Both have their own advantages, and there are many things that you must consider beforehand so you can decide which is best for you. Financing a car is best for those who may not have the money upfront to purchase a car, but even if you do have the cash to buy upfront, it still may be best to finance, here’s why.

Buying Vs Financing

For those who haven’t bought a car before or don’t know what financing is, here we take a little look in the world of financing. If you want to buy a car there and then, you can easily do so with a check. If you want to finance your car, you must apply for financing and then pay for your car in monthly installments instead. The great thing about financing is you can go above and beyond your current budget and get a better car than you would if you bought it in full. The better your credit, the better the car you will be able to purchase.

Which is Best for Me?

You need to consider your current financial state and what car is right for you and your family. If the cars that are right for your needs are over your budget, it may be that financing is better. Although you will pay interest when financing, you can get some pretty good deals and you may qualify for a low interest rate. If this is the case, you won’t lose out on much cash and you will be able to get a better car that suits your needs.

There is no use buying a five-seater car if you know you are going to expand your family soon but don’t have the cash for a larger car; this would end up costing you more when you needed to trade in your car again. This also means that you won’t be in a financial crisis for a few months if you have just paid for your car upfront. You should only pay upfront if you are a) happy with the car and b) have considered all the extra costs such as insurance, road tax etc. and are still financially able to live without money worries.

Finding the Car for You

Many car dealers offer both car financing and buying options for most cars. You don’t have to go for a new car just because you want to choose finance, as there are many used cars that go for a great rate on finance and are just like brand-new. If you want a newer model without having to pay extra, financing a used car may be the best option for you. Langley used cars offers both buying and financing options on a range of high-quality used cars.

Understanding financing can make choosing between the two much easier. Be sure to shop around and check what interest rates you will be eligible for when financing to ensure you get the best deal.



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