5 Stylish Ways to Hide Electrical Panel and Wiring

5 Stylish Ways to Hide Electrical Panel and Wiring

What’s the best way to hide the eyesores in your home?

It depends on what you’re covering. For example, a DIY cover for an indoor AC isn’t going to work for an outdoor unit. You also have to consider the style of your home.

Let’s say you’re trying to conceal your radiator. You could go for a wooden shelf if your home style is leaning toward modern rustic. Or you could repurpose a shoe rack to camouflage it for that shabby chic look.

Now, if you’re thinking about how to hide electrical panel and wiring, there are some easy ways to do it. Here, we’ll talk about some ideas that work great for hiding freestanding electrical sources, as well as those unsightly cords and wires.

1. Tapestries and Weavings

For a simple electrical panel cover, you can’t go wrong with a nice piece of tapestry or woven fabric.

You can also customize a drop cloth if you have a few stencils lying around. Another cool idea for a decorative breaker box cover is a rug swatch, which looks even better when it’s framed.

2. Wood Panel Quote Signs

If you think tapestries and weavings cannot completely hide your electrical panel, you can opt for a wood panel quote sign. What’s great about this idea is you can find one at most craft stores.

Just make sure to pick one that’s a bit bigger than your electrical box. If you’re handy with tools, you can screw some hinges into the wall. Hanging it works too.

3. DIY Cabinets

You don’t need to buy an expensive cabinet for this to work. If you can find a wall-mounted display case and know how to install hinges. this will be an easy hack.

Optional: You can replace the glass door with a cabinet film to make sure your electrical panel door isn’t showing.

4. Zip Ties

Cable ties or zip ties are awesome for bundling together wires. You can even get colorful ones if you think plain white is a bit boring.

Tip: You can check out this tutorial on how to use zip ties for neater looking cords and wires.

5. Modified Desk Drawers

A clunky power strip with tangled cords is no one’s idea of a clutter-free home. To hide it, use a power drill to hack a desk drawer near a wall outlet.

You want to make sure you can slip everything – power strips, cords, wires, gadgets into the drawer.

Important: Before You Hide Electrical Panel and Wires…

Don’t forget that fuse boxes, breaker boxes, outlets, and so on should be easily accessible. You should also keep in mind that you’re working with electricity here, which means safety precautions are a must.

Clements Electric recommends consulting with a local expert electrician before proceeding with any DIY work involving electrical sources. Remember, safety first!

Want More Tips for Hiding the Eyesores in Your Home?

Now that you know how to hide electrical panel and unsightly cords and wires in your home, don’t stop there.

From invisible bookshelves to drawers under the stairwell to stickers for decorating power switches, there are tons of ideas on how to keep the eyesores in your home from sticking out.

Keep exploring these creative hacks and don’t forget to browse our site for more home improvement tips and advice.


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