10 Top Wedding Themes Right Now

10 Top Wedding Themes Right Now

In 2018 there were over 61 million wedded couples living in the United States. That number crawls upwards every year and we have no doubt that we’ll see that trend continue through 2019.

Since you’re reading this post, we’re guessing that you may have a wedding of your own just around the corner. If that’s the case, congratulations and know that you’re in the right place!

Our team is going to walk you through what the top wedding themes have been throughout this year in hopes of inspiring your upcoming wedding celebration!

1. Woods

Imagine yourself in an open field surrounded by picturesque foliage and wildlife. Now imagine standing there in your wedding garb getting ready to marry the love of your life.

Romantic, right? We certainly think so.

Rustic weddings are undoubtedly beautiful and armed with the right rustic wedding tips, we have no doubt that this theme will work fabulously for your big day.

2. Old-Time

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing. It’s a feeling that we get when we reflect on simpler, happier times.

If you’d like to bake a little bit of nostalgia into your wedding ceremony, consider going with an old-time theme. Old-time is pretty open to interpretation, so feel free to get creative with which time period you’d like to inspire your event and how you convey it.

3. Winter

There’s no time of the year quite as special as the holiday season, which just so happens to be smack dab in the middle of winter!

Winter themed weddings typically take place from November to February and feature snow (real or fake), lots of pine trees and of course, tons and tons of string lights!

4. Beach

The beach wedding has taken a hit over the last few years as far as top wedding themes are concerned because the concept has become oversaturated. With that said, we are seeing interest in this wedding type slowly build again, so it might be time to consider hopping back on the beach bandwagon.

After all, what’s not to love about getting married barefoot while standing in the sand.

5. Cultural

Cultural weddings are ceremonies that, in some way, have influences of your culture (or another culture) built into it. For example, a cultural wedding that pays homage to India might be filled with bright colors and Lehenga dresses across a multi-day celebration.

If you’re experimenting with another culture when influencing your wedding, do your best to be tasteful in your execution as some of your guests might have certain sensitivities to borrowing other people’s traditions.

6. Around the World

Can’t land on a single culture that you’d like to have inspire your wedding? Why not borrow a little bit from all of them?!

We’re seeing “around the world” pop up on more top wedding themes lists than ever because this theme gives couples an excuse to experiment with a variety of music, food, and décor. To be extra creative, you could lean heavily on influences from countries that you and your partner have actually been to.

7. Western

There’s something wistfully romantic about getting married in a pair of boots and dancing all night in a barn to celebrate getting hitched to your favorite guy or gal. If you agree with that sentiment, consider a country/western theme for your wedding.

Country/western-themed weddings can be relatively cheap given the fact that you could rent any large yard that features a barn in your area and dress up the rest of your wedding DIY style.

Don’t forget to rent a horse! You’re going to want to ride one into the sunset after your wedding wraps up.

8. Winery

Does anything compliment a wedding better than a glass of wine? We don’t think so. By that standard, it makes perfect sense to have your wedding at a sprawling and gorgeous winery!

Most wineries are accustomed to hosting weddings so, chances are, they’ll be able to walk you through packages that they already have cooked up. Select a package that you like and prepare to spend your wedding day sipping on fermented grape juice and dancing the night away under an open sky.

9. Organic

Organic/garden-style weddings are a theme that we’ve seen pick up steam as people have become more eco-conscious. Typically, these weddings are outdoor and are built around beautiful displays of flowers, plants, and trees.

Some couples opt to have their organic wedding in a pre-done garden while others construct their own green paradise by renting various foliage fixtures and arranging them in an open space how they like.

10. Movie-Inspired

This wedding theme is for you light-hearted souls that refuse to take your wedding too seriously no matter how much society tells you that you should. The concept here is simple… Pick your favorite movie and build every aspect of your décor, music, food, and attire around it!

Curious to know which movie-themed weddings are popping right now? What we’re seeing a lot of in 2019 are the films Raiders of the Lost Arc, Alien vs Predator, and anything related to the Avengers franchise.

For a softer take, consider picking your favorite Disney animated film and using it as your big day’s foundation.

Now That You Know Today’s Top Wedding Themes, Pick One and Tie the Knot

It’s always fun to pull inspiration from top wedding themes to help construct your big day. We hope that all of the themes we’ve run past you got the wheels turning in your head in some way.

If they didn’t, know that this list of themes barely scratches the surface of what’s possible. Your wedding is a blank canvas, so exercise your creativity to create something special!

For more tips and stories on the things that matter most to women, check out the newest content in our digital publication.


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