Comfort Height vs Standard Toilet

Why Need Smart Toilet for Your Bathroom

A toilet is a much-needed appliance in every home that no one can imagine a sanitary life without. When we think of having a toilet, not many options come to mind. However, with technological advancement, there are advancements in terms of bathrooms too.


Now, there are standard height and comfort height toilet solutions. Both have their own pros and cons but the significant change remains to be of the height. The height of a toilet determines how comfortable you are going to be during excretion sessions.


Height also determines how often you are going to face constipation problems. That is why it is vital that you understand both these terms before finalizing a comfort height toilet in your home.




A comfort height depicts Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) toilet. This toilet is generally used for disabled individuals. The height remains from 17 to 19 inches as compared to regular toilets that are 15 inches from the ground to the toilet seat. The extra height provides convenience to the user by offering more knees and back support. This can be really convenient if your family members are taller or suffer from any mobility problems.

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When it comes to appearance, both toilets offer different styles and colors too. The flushing mechanism differs too that one can choose as per the convenience or solely based on style. One can choose from colors like white or beige as they always stay the universal colors for toilets and they look fancy too.


You can also have a choice between one-piece and two-piece. A one-piece offers a sleek look plus style if this is what you are looking for. You should also consider the flushing mechanism such as the traditional gravity flush or pressure-assisted flushing.




Installation goes pretty similar for both types of toilets. They are best to be installed by the professionals. A professional ensures that all the connections are secured and everything works well while ensuring that water does not leak. You should always check the toilet yourself and confirm the same with the professional.


Cost Factors


Cost is a major factor that does play a role between a standard toilet and comfort toilet. The cost also depends on the brand you choose! However, in most cases, you pay as per the type of toilet you choose. The premium-quality toilets charge anywhere from $150 and $300 or even more when it comes to comfort height. Some of the brands that can be considered for comfort toilets are Toto, Kohler, and American Standard.


A two-piece Standard toilet will cost you near $200 and the installation cost is sperate; this applies to both comfort and standard toilet.


Constipation Problems


Those who experience constipation problem should avoid having a comfort toilet. The standard toilet works best until you are not taller or have any disability. This is because the bowel gets emptied easily when you are in a squat position. This squat position is possible with the standard toilet and not with a comfort style toilet due to the enhanced height.


As the standard toilet comprises of less height, it is easy to use for the children too with a step stool.


That is how both standard and comfort toilets differ from each other. Before hopping on to taking a decision, determine the need of your family members or consider if they have any type of disability or not.


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