How Far the Tupperware Brand has Gone

How Far the Tupperware Brand has Gone

Tupperware containers have gone a long way since the brand’s founding in the 1940s. Such has been their impact on the world at large, that “Tupperware” is often considered as the unanimous term for most types of food containers. As the years passed, more creative variations were introduced, which only made Tupperware more ubiquitous and amenable to virtually almost everyone’s needs and preferences. And the brand has since expanded to include various other kitchen tools as well.

The fact that Tupperware is still rapidly evolving is not at all surprising as this has been the continuous trend in the company over time. It has always been dedicated to discovering and providing better and safer food storage options for people, besides helping you prepare your meals faster and in a more hassle-free manner.

Tupperware sets milestones in creativity and innovation

Even now, you would still be surprised by the creativity and versatility exercised by the brand in the products they offer. A simple scan of a recent Tupperware catalogue would prove to be enough to showcase the myriad twists to food containers that the brand has conceived. When it comes to other kitchen tools, the brand also goes the limit in capitalising on the technology available at present. And this could not be more evident in Tupperware specials that the brand shares to the public regularly.

That said, are you looking for tips on how to choose the best Tupperware for your purposes? Or do you, perhaps, mean to avail of more modern Tupperware products that incorporate more benefits in terms of safety, discounted prices, and optimal food storage? If yes, then take a look at the facts about the brand that we have outlined below.

Appraising food containers available in Tupperware catalogues

As far as food containers are concerned, Tupperware practically anticipates every factor the average homeowner would have regarding food storage. Whether you need more pest-resistant containers or want more space-saving in your pantry, there are Tupperware products that will be able to meet these needs.

Ultimately, what they are prioritising on is safety. After all, some plastic food containers have always been the root of controversy, once it was revealed that they tend to be toxic. This especially applies to Tupperware that contain bisphenol-A (BPA), which can bring about serious health issues with long-term exposure.

It has been confirmed that the brand has only started producing BPA-free containers only as recently as 2016. This underscores the higher quality of more modern Tupperware available nowadays. If you have been using old-fashioned Tupperware made of plastic, it could be high time for you to start using newer, safer food containers for this reason alone.

Benefits of modern Tupperware food containers

Upon closer examination of recent Tupperware containers, it is not only safety that they are putting on a pedestal. You will see that they also place importance on convenience and time- and space-saving for easier management and cooking of food. To prove this, we have listed the benefits of contemporary food containers you can normally view in a Tupperware catalogue.

Helps prepare meals more easily

Tupperware containers tend to be sold in sets nowadays, and most come in different sizes. But the purpose of these sets is usually to immediately help you partition your meals for a single day. In a 3-piece Tupperware set, for instance, you can easily set aside meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, respectively. But that is just a very basic scenario, to say the least, and other sets (like mega sets) even come with soup mugs, among others.

Uses technology to the fullest

The brand has also smoothly adapted to the more hectic demands of daily, modern living. For example, it has introduced a Heat ‘N Eat concept on its more recent food containers, which lets you do just that: pop your meals in the microwave and have a warm, hearty feast in seconds.

It does not stop there, though, for most also include the vents so that the resultant moisture or steam won’t get stuck inside the container once it is heated. This is just one of the impressive ways Tupperware is innovating their products. A few are even designed to make marinating more effective in helping the flavour penetrate the meat.

Almost always comes in sizes that you want

Since they come in numerous sizes and dimensions, you won’t have to be the one doing the adjusting just so you can fit them in your cupboard or pantry. Their exact measurements are often included in most Tupperware catalogues as well. This so you will always be in the know of the ones that will be appropriate for the space you have allotted.

Makes organising in the kitchen a piece of cake

Organisation is ensured thanks to the variety in shapes and sizes of the containers as well. You can often easily stack these containers over one another, and they will not look like a sight for sore eyes. Of course, a bonus thrown in is that you will also have plenty of colors to choose from.

How other Tupperware kitchen tools are transforming the modern kitchen

From cutting-edge knives and the startling kitchen god-send that is the Grate N’ Measure grater to micro pressure cookers and grillers, Tupperware has since shed its reputation as a food-container-only brand.

What’s equally amazing is that they design most of their kitchen tools in such a way that they complement their food containers. This synergy, in turn, only helps most people to save time in preparing, storing, and reheating their meals however they want it. What’s certain is that the brand is not pulling punches in helping people achieve what they have always wanted in food handling and cooking: saving money and time while enjoying lip-smacking food every time.

Final Thoughts

Tupperware’s longevity can certainly be attributed to its unceasing drive to adapt to whatever the times (and people in general) are demanding. Yes, it still manages to deliver stellar and safe food storage, but gone are the days when it was limited to that. You only need to go through a single Tupperware catalogue, which gives you plenty of knowledge about the brand, to know what we are talking about.


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