The Kind Of EDC Gears You Could Gift Your Loved Ones

edc gear

The world is brutal, and survival is harsh. While we might have several dreams and several goals to accomplish, the challenges that the world throws at us are daunting enough to deter our confidence and curb our free will. Human beings are gregarious animals, and it is impossible to keep oneself divorced from feelings and stay alone. We all need help and someone to lean on. But, the world that we live in these days has become increasingly selfish and self-centred. It only cares about itself and has little regards for those who live in it. Therefore, we must be responsible for ourselves and come to our rescue because no one else will. Even if there are a few good people who would help you, it is always advisable to stay prepared and not depend on someone else.

It is important to remember that every little thing can help you manage times of crisis. That is why, we thought of discussing EDC gadgets and how they could make for great gifts for a loved one. These tiny gears are life-savers in more ways than you can imagine. However, they are quite underrated, and people do not think of them as gift ideas. But your friends and loved ones shall thank you once they realise the role these gadgets have to play in their lives. Let us now discuss how you could use EDC gears into some brilliant gifts.

EDC for Gifts:

The entire idea of EDC gadgets as gifts could seem absurd and ludicrous to you. But, the utility quotient of these little things goes over the roof. Maybe try doing some research before you completely rule out their worth as gifts. Besides gathering knowledge from this article, also look up sites like clarboard edc tools to find more information about the same topic.

A Leather Key Wrap-

Keys are important because, of course, they open doors to your humble abode and every other place that serves to be of importance to you. Now, imagine the struggle you have to go through if you happen to lose your keys and are locked out of your house. Maybe a leather key wrap could just do the trick. It keeps all your keys in place, and since it is made of leather, the finish of the wrap would be elegant and classy.

This certainly makes for a gift to consider for your loved ones. Leather never goes out of style. Yes, there is always the factor of animals being tortured and killed for their skin. However, you could always opt for substitute leather which is one way to advocate against animal cruelty. Substitute leather is safe, and you get the same finish as real leather. Additionally, it does not cost you the lives of animals.

Small Flashlights-

Flashlights come in all shapes and sizes. Just browse through the internet, and you can find a hoard of links that can help you in getting the best one for your needs. You might be thinking how something as ordinary as a torch can make for a decent enough gift. You would be surprised! Torches and flashlights are extremely important and not just as gifts to your friends or relatives, but also to keep in your house. There might be a blackout, and if you do not have a backup power plan, you would be left reaching out for nothing but darkness. There cannot be anything greater than gifting someone the gift of light. This ostensibly simple gift will only prepare your loved one to take on any force of darkness coming their way. Therefore, while curating EDC gears for your friend, make sure that you add this one to the list.

A Portable Mobile Charger-

Your friend is going to bless you for this one. We live in an age where almost every work that we handle on a daily basis happens over our mobile phones. Booking a cab, movie tickets, tracking bus routes, sending mails-you name it and the first piece of technology that comes to our mind is our mobile phone. But, the more you use your phones, the faster will it charge out. But that is not a scenario you would want for yourself. Therefore, consider buying a portable charger as a part of the EDC kit you are carefully putting together for your friend and make it easier for her to charge her phone anytime she wants, and anywhere she wants.


All that we discussed in this article should be enough fodder to spur you into action. Ditch buying expensive and cliché gifts for your dear ones. Most of them talk of money and less of sentiments. Instead, give them something that they can make use of in every situation, especially during emergencies. Every time they use one of these gears, they are going to remember you.


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