Pixee Fox and Plastic Surgeries to Look Like a Cartoon

Pixee Fox

The current beauty trends are making a lot of women go through plastic surgeries as in reality, the shape is next to impossible to achieve. Pixee Fox is an Instagram model who has gone through plenty of surgeries to meet her desired body type.

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Cardi B suggests breasts and buttocks look better when they are bigger, with smaller waists. However, some Instagram like Pixee Fox and Amanda Ahola, take it to another level. Here, we will tell you about Pixee and what made her so famous.

Who is Pixee Fox?

With more than 490k followers on Instagram, Pixee Fox is quite a popular model among others who transformed their body through surgery. Pixee is a surgery loving model who has removed six of her ribs to look like a cartoon character.

The model was once an electrician from North Carolina and has spent over $1, 20,000 on plastic surgery in a year. She is in an attempt to have the perfect hourglass figure with big breasts and buttocks.

Pixee Fox grew up in a small town in Sweden but never felt like she belonged there. She always wanted to go to a bigger place and do something that would make her famous. She also wanted to surround herself with people who are like her.

When she was older and independent, she moved to America to live the American dream. Soon she landed herself in several cosmetic clinics transforming herself into her favorite animated figures.

Pixee took her inspiration from Tinkerbell, but her body transformation made her look a lot like Jessica Rabbit. In the process, she took the extreme step of removing her lower ribs and that made her shrink the waist to a record-breaking 14 inches. The model is into hardcore exercise and diet to maintain her body. She also wears a corset all the time to maintain the figure.

Pixee Fox plastic surgery

Pixee Fox has been through more than 200 cosmetic procedures to look like the way she does today. She has gone through four boob jobs, cheekbone reduction, brow lift, face reconstruction, eyelash transplantation, and more.

Her followers were shocked when she announced her recent surgery of removing ribs to allow her to make her corsets tighter. The procedure cost her $9,000 and was done by Dr. Barry Eppley, a renowned plastic surgeon. He had to perform extreme five-hour keyhole surgery on the model’s body in last October at Indiana.

The operation was an irreversible attempt that now allows Pixee Fox to flaunt her 14-inch waist. However, she has been denied any further plastic surgery as it could literally kill her. Recently, she approached surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, but they denied to operate the 29-year-old as they believe has body dysmorphia.

Pixee is Disney obsessed and landed herself into the latest season of E!’s Botched last year. She also tried to convince doctors to lower her hair-lin. But Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow told her that her hairline is perfect and pleaded her to stop doing surgeries. When she told the doctors about all her surgeries, they were shocked.

In E!’s Botched she revealed about her eyelash transplantation with pubic hair and how she flaunts to be the first person to have got it done in the world. Despite the doctors warning her and asking her to stop, she is proud of the way she looks and also of her surgery obsessions.

Pixee said that she never felt like a human. She is more like a Pixee or a fantasy creature. She wants to always represent herself like that and be accepted by her followers for who she is.

Risks taken by Pixee Fox for surgeries

Pixee has spent thousands of dollars on operations and traveled to India to get her eye color changed. She said it is an incredibly dangerous procedure that isn’t done in the US or Europe as these places cannot risk blindness. She has removed six ribs to look like a cartoon and boob jobs to pump her breasts and make them size 30J.

Pixee also traveled to Seoul, South Korea to break her face and that could have left her paralyzed. Taking inspiration from the Wonder Woman cartoon character, she went through a face realignment. The operation was done by Dr. Park of ID Hospital. The surgery made it impossible for her to talk and eat for one week. She went through two rounds of liposuction, bum lift, labiaplasty, nose job, and ear alternation.

The facial reconstructive surgery left her face almost paralyzed because there are many nerves around the jaw. Dr. Park broke the jaw, remove the cheekbones, shaved them into the right size, and put them back to their place.

The model said that all other surgeries she went through has been easier and that’s why she could do them more frequently. But this one needed a lot of research and difficulty.

Pixee’s cartoon character

She went under the knife to launch a kid’s comic book series where she features as a protagonist fighting crime. The model went through a V-line and bone surgery for the symmetric jawline as that made her look more of a superhero.

She said that the jaw surgery made her face smaller and eyes bigger. She wanted to create her own cartoon where she was a superhero that was eventually added to book series. Pixee now wishes that her character reaches the films too.

Is Pixee the only plastic surgery obsessed model?

There are many more women and men who want to look extraordinary like Pixee does. She is not the only one into this life-risking addiction. The love of her life is a male plastic surgery model named Justin Jedlica. Together, they pair up as Barbie Doll and Ken.

Not many people know that Pixee is also a cancer survivor. But she has been funded by several sugar daddies to get through to all her treatments for health and beauty. The total she has spent on surgeries to date is more than $5, 00,000. However, she is not allowed to do any more cosmetic surgeries as it can be fatal for her.


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