Who Is the Best DJ in the World Right Now?

Who is the best DJ in the world right now?

The list is out on Forbes 2019 and we now know who is the best DJ in the world right now. According to their net worth and popularity, the names keep changing every year. However, the consistency of the people on this list has been pretty high. We also can’t disagree that some started from the bottom and now they’re here!

Best DJ in the world right now

Let’s have a look at some of the best DJ’s in the world and also know who’s the best of them all:

1. Calvin Harris

With a net worth of $46 million in 2019, Calvin answers the question of who is the best DJ in the world right now! Calvin has a major career graph and what boosted the current results is his fifth studio album called Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1

The album had appearances from Katy Perry, Travis Scott, Kehlani, John Legend, Khalid, Schoolboy, Big Sean, and many more celebrities. There are reports of the sixth album that he is working on and can materialize within the next year. This completely proves that Calvin is the top DJ in the world right now and it is pretty tough to dethrone his position.

2. The Chainsmokers

With a net worth of $45.5 million, The Chainsmokers have gone over Tiësto this year. It is said that the duo has separated now, and we don’t know what coming up next.

The duo from New York City has been active for more than six years in the business already. Both Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall became household names in several parts of the world.

We still can’t forget their debut single called Selfie that got them to the top 20’s list in most countries. Closer in 2016 was definitely one of the lifechanging songs for them as it had the world’s hottest acts with the best background score. It was on top in both the US and major parts of Europe. Let us see how their split is going to result and what’s in store next year.

3. Tiësto

Tiësto is the second oldest DJ in the world to make it to the top 10 because the first one goes to David Guetta. However, he has dropped from his place and also by $6 million since 2017. Irrespective of his net worth or place in the ‘best dj in the world right now’ list, people love it. He will always be one of the best of his time and is referred to as the grandfather of EDM.

Tiësto already has five studio albums ever since he debuted with. The album ‘I like it loud’ was launched this year and he has collaborated with Matisse & Sadko and MOTi for it. The current net worth of DJ is $33 million.

4. Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki has gone up by one spot with a net worth of $28 million. However, his total net worth fell by $2 million. The exact net worth is not known, but it can be anywhere from $26 to $28 million.

The DJ had been pretty busy last year to work on his fifth studio album called ‘Steve Aoki Presents Kolony’. This year, he was seen to drop ‘5 OKI’ EP.

5. Marshmello

The masked crusader, Christopher Comstock or Marshmello, is now worth $23 million. He is close to Zedd and has risen two places and come to the fifth spot. This rise was possible due to an increase of $2 million in his net worth.

Much of his work out of DJing related to YouTube series called Cooking with Marshmello. Yes, he is not only a DJ but also a great cook. He takes help from his friends to create cooking content and is quite a personality!

6. Zedd

With a net worth of $22 million, this DJ has jumped to the sixth position from the 10th. He is a German-born Russian producer and an excellent DJ. He totally changes our perspective of looking for the best DJ in the world right now!

In just 12 months, the DJ managed to come up by four positions and earn $7 million more. His ongoing success is accredited to his studio album called ‘True Colors’. He has also been touring for shows all through. The DJ is currently preparing for his third album that might have a single by Liam Payne called Get Low.

7. Diplo

With a net worth of $20 million DJ Diplo or Thomas Wesley Pentz drops by one place and also goes down by $8.5 million. However, that doesn’t make Diplo an average guy or a jobbing DJ. He is one of those DJs who has his hands on too many things all with DJing. His creative partnership with Bacardi called the Sound of Rum is one of the fine examples of what he is currently into.

Diplo’s musical skills improved beyond remixing other’s songs or for producer’s credit. He is one of the biggest names in the industry and along with the famous Major Lazer project and Skrillex, he formed Jack Ü that won the best dance under the electronic album at the Grammy’s in 2016. Let’s hope he will have something more to offer within the next year.

8. David Guetta

The list that determines who is the best DJ in the world right now cannot get over without David Guetta, till today! He has served more than anyone on this list and some of the DJs weren’t even born when he started his career. He took a step down and also by $10 million since 2018. The DJ recently collaborate for his seventh studio album and is probably going to launch by summer 2020.

9. Kaskade

Here is a new entry to this list of top DJs in 2019 and he has made $13.5 million. Kaskade or Ryan Gary Raddon has been in the industry for more than 23 years but his full-length released happened in 2003 and got him worldwide recognition.

10. Martin Garrix

Finally, Martin Garrix has a net worth of $13 million and has come down by one spot since 2017. He started DJing since he was 17 and made it big on the charts with Animals. The album peaked on the top of Beatport charts!

Final thoughts

It is evident the Dutch lad answers who is the best DJ in the world right now. It is time to see how they flourish and what the results would be in 2020.


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