5 Ways to Control the Level of Dust in Your Home

Control the Level of Dust in Your Home

Finding dust in your home is never nice. It doesn’t look good, it can cause allergies, and it has the ability to contaminate your airflow. Unfortunately, however, no matter how hard you try or how often you clean, this pesky plight will always come back in some form or another.

While it’s impossible to rid your home of dust entirely, fear not, as there are a number of things that you can do to keep this problem at bay. Read on to find five things you must do in order to control the level of dust in your home.

Change your bedding regularly

Dust thrives between the sheets. If you don’t resolve to change your bedding regularly, you’ll find yourself having to compete with more and more mites appearing in your bedroom with each passing week. Staying on top of your bedding schedule is, quite simply, essential, so be sure not to let your standards slip in this instance.

As well as changing your sheets regularly, you should also consider encasing your mattress in an allergen-proof cover.

Clean as you go

Piles of clothing, newspapers, books, and toys will attract dust, which is why you should never ignore these items when you notice that they have been left lying around on your floor. Clean as you go, and you’ll be sure to stop dust from settling around your worldly belongings.

Consider hardwood flooring

Carpets may look gorgeous and feel amazing, but they do tend to attract a lot of dust. Unless you’re willing to have your carpeted floors professionally maintained or clean them using a vacuum that comes with a double-layered micro-filter, you might want to consider laying down hardwoods floors instead.

Don’t use a feather duster

Contrary to what their name would have you believe, feather dusters aren’t actually effective when it comes to dusting. They don’t clean up mites, they only aggravate them and cause them to settle in another area. A much more effective way to tackle dust is to wipe it away using a damp cloth or moist towelette.

Don’t forget your furnace

Furnaces are often overlooked in this instance, but they shouldn’t be. Due to how tight and compact they are, they are a hotspot for dust mites.

Alarmingly, when a furnace pushes heat out into the home, should dust have been allowed to collect within it, it will also circulate mites out into the airflow — if your sinuses react negatively to dust, this could be enough to set your allergies off and, in some severe cases, leave you needing medical assistance. Also, as stated on www.actionfurnace.ca, lingering dust could even be the reason why furnace smells occur, which is just another reason why you can’t afford to forget to de-dust this dust-bunny hotspot regularly.

Dust will never disappear entirely, and that’s just a fact. You can, however, lessen the impact it has on you, your family, and your home by taking the above advice and keeping it at bay.


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