Troubled Teens 101: How to Stop Your Teen from Spiraling Out of Control

Troubled Teens 101: How to Stop Your Teen from Spiraling Out of Control

When we consider parenthood, many of us think the diaper changing days are the hardest. Can anyone else hear the stuttering sobs of a teething two-year-old? Truth is parenthood kicks in when kids are old enough to begin making their own decisions.

If you find yourself facing any troubled teens today, know there are steps you can take to bring them back into the fold. With consistent doses of love, continual support, and a keen eye for when it’s time to take a different approach, you can start to repair your family today.

Try to Connect With Them

This first suggestion will either sound obvious or ridiculous. But, you have to keep trying to connect with your teen. This can be as simple as an, “I’m always here,” text to a more robust sit-down.

The point is, even in spite of your teenager’s total indifference to you, they still crave love, attention, and acceptance — even from their parents.

Don’t allow yourself to reach the point where you merely “throw in the towel.” Rather, keep your own fears (or abject anger) in check and never stop trying to connect with them.

Don’t Argue

This, too, may seem like you’re trying to lasso the moon. But, don’t allow your teen to bait you into a heated argument. They may be looking for ways to release their anxiety and tension, but don’t allow these ugly memories to take seed in their minds.

Do whatever it takes to calmly state your point and then find a way to end the argument or even walk out of the room. Remember that, no matter how things look at the surface, they still want your love and approval.

Remain a Role Model

Maybe your teen is cutting school or not showing up to work anymore. Well, continue to lead by example. Odds are you don’t roll out of bed and do a happy dance to go to work every morning.

Talk to your teenager about things like that. Gently ease the conversation to the fact that your life faces difficulties, too, but you don’t give up and let clouds of depression lead the way. In these uncertain times, you never know what might get through to them.

Don’t Tolerate Abuse

Arguments and righteous indignation are one thing. But, you must drop the anvil on physical abuse or drug abuse in the home.

There’s no way around it — the moment their behavior crosses this obvious line in the sand, it’s time to send up a flare for help.

Check out local counselors. You can even go so far as to consider boot camp for troubled teens. The point is, the buck stops here with any form of abuse.

Help Your Troubled Teens Today

This is never an easy topic to discuss. No one wants to admit their teen is anything less than a first-rate scholar and hard-working contributor to society. But, the truth is, many of us will face the difficulty that comes with troubled teens.

Just remember that this, too, shall pass. If you remain consistently loving while knowing when to drop the anvil, you can usher your teen out of this difficult chapter.

In the meantime, continue to browse this blog. Take some time for yourself with fashion and beauty tips. No matter what’s going on around you, self-care will always have a positive, rippling effect on your family.


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