Ways to Relocate Your Appliances Safely

Why You Should Hire Moving and Packing Specialists for Home Shifting?

It feels so wonderful and exciting once you are going to move to a new place – at least, until you start thinking about how many things you need to pack. When it is time for you to move, relocating could be pretty challenging – especially when you have lots of stuff (and most of them are quite heavy!). On this occasion, we would like to provide you some tips to relocate safely without damaging your appliances and to make it as pain-free as possible.

Measure before You Move

Make sure to measure the dimension of the big appliances that may lessen up your space and also your new living space as well. Why knowing the dimension of the stuff is important? Because lifting your bed or sofa through many stairs and realizing that they are too big for your room would probably be the last thing you want to struggle with. Remind your moving buddies too about those challenging pieces so they can prepare themselves better.

Disassemble What You Can

Do you have some furniture that can be easily disassembled? To make moving and packing easier, taking them apart into pieces might be a good choice. First of all, empty all the drawers and carry them separately. You can do the similar thing to your sofas and chairs – by taking all the cushions off. However, do not try to disassemble anything that is not made to be taken apart, as you may break the stuff when you take the screws out. The worst part is when you cannot get the pieces back together again.

Use Proper Lifting Techniques

No one wants to be injured and get a back pain while moving furniture, however, it is common to happen. If you need to move all the stuff by yourself, use the safe lifting techniques below to avoid chiropractor:

  • Keep your feet shoulder-width apart when you pick something up.
  • Lift with your knees – not with your back.
  • Try keeping your back straight and looking straight ahead while you are carrying the stuff.
  • When you want to change direction, do it with your feet – not by twisting your back.
  • If you need to bend, use your leg to lower yourself like doing a squat.


Pack Efficiently

Before you put all the stuff to the truck, take steps to secure your furniture. You can put your upholstered furniture into package in plastic to avoid stains during the move. Do not forget to protect your wood furniture to avoid any new scratches. To lessen the risk of accidental damage, try not to pack the things close from one to another. It also helps you to get back the things that you need the most once you open up the storage unit. Last but not least, calling a professional Removalist in Sydney and letting them to put your stuff into places will also be a good decision as well.

Do not let your relocation turn into a nightmare, although it might not be an easy work to do. Try the tips we mentioned above to make the process become easier.


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