Frugal and Cool: 9 Ways to Save on Your AC Electric Bill

Frugal and Cool: 9 Ways to Save on Your AC Electric Bill

What’s cooler than being cool? Saving money, of course.

Americans spend more than $22 billion a year to cool their homes through electricity.

You don’t have to watch in horror as your electricity bill steadily climbs in cost. Instead, follow these nine tips to save on your AC electric bill!

1. Keep Your AC off Whenever Possible

Leaving your AC running while you’re out of the house is one of the worst habits you can have. Get in the habit of turning off your AC when you get ready to leave.

Likewise, if you’re at home and comfortable, go ahead and turn the AC off. There’s no sense in running it if you’re already cool.

2. Stay Hydrated

If you live in a warm area, summers can be unbearable enough as it is. If you’re not drinking enough water, you’re making things far worse for yourself.

Studies show that hydration aids with internal temperature regulation. In essence, the more water you drink, the less likely you are to feel hot.

3. Keep up with Routine Maintenance

If it’s been more than a few months since you last checked your HVAC system, you could be running up your bill for the simplest reasons.

Check your unit’s filter and look around pipes for leaks. If you’re not sure what to look for, you can always call a plumbing and heating company to get their professional opinion.

4. Buy a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are all the rage–and for good reason. Switching to an Energy Star certified thermostat can save you 8% of your bill per year.

You’ll recoup the cost of the thermostat in just a few months, so it practically pays for itself.

5. Close Your Blinds

It’s always nice to enjoy a beautiful, sunny day. But leaving your blinds open warms up your home.

Likewise, keeping your blinds closed keeps cool air in, so you won’t have to run your AC as long.

6. Replace Door and Window Seals

Check the sealant around each of your home’s doors and windows. Even a slight crack can allow hot air to fill your home.

Replacing these seals is easier than you might think and requires little more than a trip to your local hardware store and a few hours of your time.

7. Install Fans

Ceiling fans are another great way to keep your home cool. While that doesn’t mean you should run them all the time, using them instead of your AC unit whenever possible is a great way to save some cash.

8. Keep Your Thermostat Away from Electronics

As big of a pain as it may be, it might be a good idea to rearrange your living room. If you have an entertainment center or PC near your thermostat, you’re increasing your bill without even realizing it.

Since electronics give off heat, your AC unit will kick in sooner than necessary.

9. Open Your Windows at Night

If you live in a hot area, opening your windows might seem like the last thing you’d want to do. But when the sun goes down, the temperature drops with it.

As long as the outside temperature is comfortable, leaving your windows open when you go to bed is a great way to save some money.

Stay Cool with a Lower AC Electric Bill

Looking to cut down on your AC electric bill? These nine tips will help you keep your cool…and your money!

And don’t forget to check out our blog for more great content to help you stay comfortable while saving money.


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