Keeping Swimming Pools Spick & Span During Summer With These Tips!

clean swimming pool

Having a swimming pool right in your backyard is awesome. You can take a dip whenever you want; cool yourself off whenever the weather is far from being considerate. Having a pool right on your backyard is definitely rad. And if you’re a budding family with kids, I’m pretty sure the little tykes will enjoy having fun in the water as well – especially during summer months. Check this out:

However, many great things always come with a downside. In this case, it would be keeping up with the pool’s maintenance. Everything is fine and dandy up until the water turns to muck. After all, not only is summer a hot season, it can also be pretty windy and dusty. Not to mention, you’ll probably get in the water far more frequently during this hot and humid season. So I guess you just have to expect to do more cleaning during these months.

There are basically two ways you can take care of your pool maintenance:

  1. You do it yourself.
  2. You hire the extra help.

If you have a big one at home (the kind you can actually do laps in), it would be best to leave the work to the professionals. Cleaning a pool can be very troublesome – not to mention, tedious. If you were to work on it yourself, you have got to make sure that you have the time. A big one will take hours to clean, if you are to clean it thoroughly. If you’ve got somewhere to be or something to do, you end up rushing the work and that’s not going to help anyone. You can read about this more in the Blue Waters Pools’ resource website.

In cases like this, seeking professional aid is the wisest call to make. Luckily, there are many cleaning agencies that will be more than happy to do the work for you. And don’t worry; pool cleaning doesn’t have to be done every day. Cleaning it at least once a week or a day before using it should be good enough to keep it sanitary. I’ve had swim in an unclean pool in the past and it was not the best experience. You may think it’s alright since it’s just water and lakes seem dirtier but people swim in them anyway, right?

Well, a swimming pool is not a natural body of water. It does not contain organisms that help keep the water clean. Its contents is also stagnant which means that it’s exactly the same as it was a day ago, a week ago, or even a month ago (if you don’t change water too often). Bacteria can really start building up and you would know because the water will then start feeling itchy and uncomfortable.

However, if the pool you have at home is somewhat of a manageable size, then you may also opt to do the cleaning yourself (read more). It should take no more than half a day during your weekends. So, if you’ve decided to take this task upon yourself, here are a couple of tips for you:

Clean Frequently

If you don’t want work piling up, it would be best to do it frequently – a little at a time but almost all the time. When you allow yourself to procrastinate with the pool cleaning, what usually happens is that the debris piles up and there’s more for you to clean up later. And because there’s more, you end up cleaning for long hours which eventually leads to exhaustion. It makes you detest having to clean the whole thing again. As I said, it doesn’t have to be this way. Clean frequently so that you’ll have less to do.

Schedule To Change The Water

Since it’s a pool, water remains stagnant for a long while. Keeping track of when you last changed its contents is very important if you want to keep the place sanitary. Changing the water at least once a month (you still need a filter if you want to let it sit for this long though) should help keep the pool safe to bathe in. Marking it on your calendar will help you remember when the pool water is due for a change.





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