6 budget-friendly DIY home improvement ideas

6 budget-friendly DIY home improvement ideas

Home is the place where we run to for comfort. It is an environment where we unwind from our busy schedules and create priceless memories with family and friends. To continually upgrade one’s home environment, DIY projects offer us the chance to work with our hands and come up with presentable products. If you are faced with the challenge of balancing between work and family time; then devoting your spare time to a DIY lifestyle could be a workable solution to spending time with loved ones. 

Highlighted in the unfolding paragraphs are some DIY ideas to revamp your home. 


1) Transform the bathroom


The bathroom is one place that can get messy and prove a nightmare to give a facelift. However, some workable makeover DIY ideas to consider include shelving, or tiling the bathroom mirror. You can also build trays to organize various personal items in the bathroom cabinet. Additionally, creating reminder signs for the bathroom, such as “brush”, “wash”, or “turn off after use” is simple but classic. 


2) Give the home a new glow with painting


You do not have to attend a painting or art class to give your home a fresh new look with the right colors. A geometrically painted home with different shapes in different colors, for example, could spruce up your kids’ rooms. What about the ombre painting design for the tea area? Or a denim wall painting design for the living room? When it comes to painting, you will never run out of ideas. 


3) Replace a swing door with a barn door


Sliding barn doors might sound like a big dive into DIY, but with the right guides and tools, you can convert your swing door to a barn door in a day. You will need a welder; this is an ideal product that will not only help you prepare railings but also seamlessly carry out and any other welding chores within the home. Other must-have tools include a pry bar and hammer to remove the trim on the swing door, and screwdrivers. 


4) Build additional flowerbeds


If you have been thinking of adding some ‘wow’ effect to your outdoors, then a pop up of colors and textures could be the transformative solution. The neglected side yard can host a few flower boxes with different contrasting blossoms. And if you have a tile deck, built-in flower beds can be the source of vintage that add some value to your surroundings. 


5) Upgrade exterior lighting


Outdoor lighting is the best way to illuminate attractive features within your compound at night as well as boost security. You do not have to be an electrician to install indirect light for your patios. On the other hand, light paths for safety navigation can also save your visitors from stumbling. What about hanging some fixture on a tree? It’s the best way to cast moods of peace. 


6) A fireplace makeover


Finally, abandoned fireplaces contribute a dull hue to the surrounding environment. Within one or two days, you can turn a boring fireplace into a centrepiece of attraction within your home. Whitewashing the bricks is one great idea. And you can even go ahead to cake them with mortar for a more captivating look. If you have tiles instead of bricks, then painting can give it a rejuvenating polish. 


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